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Xerox Digital, Content and Language Services (DCLS) is a subdivision of Xerox Corporation that offers linguistic, creative and content creation and management services.

“Our objective is to continue growing in parallel with the sectors in which we work and in step with our customers.”

Xerox DCLS has its head office in England (Uxbridge and Welwyn Garden City) and various satellite offices in different parts of the world, including Budapest (Hungary), Madrid (Spain), Lannion (France), Rochester (USA), Canada and Singapore. We provide a service to large companies with a global presence.


    Results with Okodia

    • Very fast and effective management of the services we offer to our customers
    • Commitment to quality and efficiency in all jobs
    • On-time deliveries, as promised
    • Global availability of the entire Project Management team


    Okodia provides us with quick and well-managed access to the services we need to maintain the quality requirements set by the end customer.</p>
    <p>As customers, speed and availability in all communication is highly valued.</p>
    <p>Our experience at the moment is very good. The communication, organisation and management capacity of the project management team are excellent. We also very much appreciate the great effort made by the team and the speed in all correspondence, requests for quotes and deliveries. It is great to work with partners like you!

    Elia PermanyerProject Manager

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