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Medical consultancy

Digital Healthcare Consultancy<br />

We are a company that offers comprehensive consultancy services for the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry, and other similar sectors, through the innovative use of technology.
Our main areas of action are the training of the sales force, detection of talent and assessment of skills, the digital transformation of the business processes that help to generate loyalty and develop it, and the generation of outcome-based medicine processes and the value perceived by the patient.

“Our goal is to continue helping our customers to digitally transform their businesses, to allow them to grow in the most effective, efficient, innovative and scalable way possible, basing our work on the use of the latest technologies available and achieving the highest degree of satisfaction possible among our collaborators.”

We are a national company with an international presence. In our 15 years of history, we have carried out projects in more than 80 countries, and almost half of our business comes from outside our borders.
Our head offices are in Madrid, but we have sales representation in Barcelona, Lisbon and Latin America.


    Results with Okodia

    • Extensive experience among the native team: guaranteed quality
    • Speed and flexibility in the translations
    • Ability to adapt to needs
    • Translations always delivered on time


    The volume of translations we have has grown considerably, which is why you have helped us to offer our customers this much more specialised and faster work, with the highest quality and efficiency.</p>
    <p>Okodia stands out for its speed and a job well done from the very beginning.<br />
    You adapt phenomenally to the needs of our customers, you offer us alternatives and you scrupulously comply with deadlines, something that is fundamental for us.

    José MaríaSales

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