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Freshly Cosmetics is a brand of naturally healthy and 100% toxic-free cosmetics. Essentially we are a digital company with our own e-commerce and a strong presence on the social media.

“Our objective is to revolutionise the cosmetics sector and speed up the transition towards toxic-free cosmetics that benefit both people and our environment.”

We have offices in Reus and a logistics centre in Batea. We are positioning ourselves nationally and expanding into Europe.


    Results with Okodia

    • Multilingual translation of an on-line store
    • International expansion
    • Speed and efficiency in each job
    • Naturalness and originality in the translations


    We only offered our online store in Spanish and we wanted to take the international step into Europe, so we searched for a translation agency to translate the website’s content not only into various languages, but using the jargon of each country.

    Speed is essential and in this regard Okodia meets expectations.

    Okodia filled us with confidence and that is why we chose them. In each product launch, new line or content, Okodia offers us speed and efficiency to take our product to other countries.

    Mireia TrepatCMO & Co-founder

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    We are proud to contribute to the success of this company in our role as its translation agency.