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Plameca, S.A. is a laboratory producing natural products that belongs to the Suanfarma group, with its factory and head office in Pallejá (Barcelona) and sales offices in Madrid. With an international presence in more than 20 countries, it works with 400 medicinal plants and 200 food supplements, offers a diet service known as plan21, manufactures for third parties and has an R&D department.

“At Plameca, we are committed to the natural well-being of people, so our main objective is to ensure that we work with the utmost dedication and focus on the needs of our consumer.”

The head office is in Pallejá (Barcelona) and it has sales offices in Madrid. It operates both nationally and internationally (in over 20 countries) including the USA, China and Asia.


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    • Almost immediate availability of our products in different languages
    • Unbeatable personal treatment and customer service
    • Reliable and meets deadlines
    • Improving the international image thanks to multilingual translation


    Okodia helped us a lot when we changed our website, as they translated all the texts we had on the old website into English and French. They also help us practically every day to keep our website up-to-date (as far as languages are concerned) with our new launches.</p>
    <p>Keeping a website up-to-date is the key to success for an international business.</p>
    <p>Our experience with Okodia has been very good. It is a conscientious, serious and friendly company. Two things to highlight are: meeting deadlines (they are very quick) and their pleasant approach when communicating both by e-mail and telephone.

    Marta Socastro OrtegaMarketing Assistant, Digital Marketing &amp; Social Media

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