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For the last 20 years the SFAM group has been protecting the devices we use in our daily lives: telephones, multimedia, connected devices. Using its Celside Insurance and Hubside Insurance brands, seven million insured people across Europe have decided to live life to the full, even in the event of the loss, breakage or theft of their devices.

We are based in Barcelona (corporate headquarters in Romans Sur Isère, France) and we operate in the French, Belgian, Swiss, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish markets.

“Our aim is to continue with our European expansion of a new store concept (HubsideStore) meeting the needs of our customers in relation to insurance, multimedia products and new and reconditioned mobiles”

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    • Speed and efficiency in each project. Guaranteed on-time delivery.
    • Success in multilingual projects with several working languages and centralised management.
    • Ease of developing our business in new markets.
    • Friendly service from the team, person to person.


    “Okodia has allowed us to enter new countries by translating legal documents. The experience has been great and the professionalism shown by the translators has been a real success. We hope to work with them again on our new projects. If there is one thing that stands out in particular, it is the excellent service provided by the contact people at Okodia.”

    Alejandro OliveraCompliance Officer

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