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Código Media Comunicación

Código Media Comunicación is a communication and marketing agency that has been working in the sector since 2002, offering content marketing, audiovisual communication, digital transformation and web development services. 

The company is located in Spain, although it has international customers in countries such as Italy, Portugal, Greece and Latin America. That is why using a translation agency is essential in its daily operation.

Its goal is to be able to integrate all the possibilities that AI offers into its projects. It is also fundamental that its customers continue to believe in its brand and trust it with their marketing projects.

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    Results with Okodia

    • Speed in dealing with new requirements.
    • Urgent translations maintaining the quality.
    • Convenience of having everything centralised.
    • Fast attention.


    We have been relying on the work of Okodia since 2019. Previously we worked with different suppliers and it was sometimes a headache trying to manage translations through different contact people. Previously we had difficulties finding availability and this caused problems with the immediacy of translations. With Okodia we have found the solution we were looking for.

    Carla NogueraAccount Director

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