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Have a holly jolly X-mas!

Jingle bells jingle all the way to your transaltion!

Since the trees have appeared in the shops in October, Christmas has arrived at
Okodia! If you are reading this, it is because you want your gift, a discount voucher
to use when translating all your Christmas and New Year marketing campaigns.
Why not ask for a quote using the form on the right and enter your discount

voucher code. It’s that easy with Okodia 😉

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Don’t let Google ruin all the good work of your creatives. At Okodia we retain the
originality and freshness, in any language and format! And if you don’t know how to
design the layout of the translation you have ordered, we will do it for you!

For an impeccable job, from start to finish!

Languages: ES <> EN, FR, IT, PT. Discount of 10% on the first language, 15% on the second
and third languages and 20% on the fourth language in the promo.
Discounts for companies and freelancers who translate their communication campaigns* for
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year. Offer does not include specialized translations, certified translations or any other types of text that do not meet the requirements of the campaign. (*) Voucher can only be used once per customer and project from 20th Oct. 2020 until 11th Dec. 2020.


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