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    In recent years we have witnessed a profound revolution akin to the industrial revolution experienced by our grandparents: the technological revolution. Incredible advances in the information and communication technologies have completely changed not only our way of communicating with reality, but also our way of working as professional translators.

    At Okodia translation services we know just how helpful these technical advances can be for professional translators, so we have decided to tell you about some really useful tools.

    The essential Spanish dictionaries

    Glossary of dictionaries

    On the website of the RITAP (Network of Interpreters and Translators of the Spanish Public Administration) we can find a very useful resource: a glossary of dictionaries of great help to professional translators. The links are grouped by theme, such as IT, the Internet or economics and finance, and the website is so easy to use that we can quickly locate the dictionary we need to use.

    Spanish Language Dictionary from the Royal Spanish Academy

    This dictionary, the best known of all, could not be left off our list of “essentials”. It is one of the resources that we all save in our ‘favourites’ folder.

    Clave dictionary of current Spanish use

    Few Spanish language students are unaware of the size and importance of this classic. The timeless CLAVE dictionary has been updated for the computer age and offers students, teachers and professional translators a useful online dictionary.

    CAT tools

    The more widespread use of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools has radically changed the way many translation professionals work. Do you use them?

    SDL Trados

    Of the different SDL tools that we have tried at Okodia, we can highlight SDL Multiterm, a streamlined tool that allows you to create and maintain terminology glossaries.


    Wordfast is the main competitor to SDL Trados and is even better than it in some of its solutions. One of the advantages of this CAT tool is its ease of use, its functionality on different platforms and the large number of video tutorials and user manuals.

    These tools undoubtedly assist professional translators in their work and help make it all the more perfect.


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