The truth and success have something in common: they’re out there and you have to go the distance to find them. There are many companies aspiring to become one of the success stories that magazines on entrepreneurship publish on a monthly basis. Most of them got there because they were ambitious and did what it took to become companies that started small but aimed big. Pay attention! Here are 3 success stories of SMEs that have gone global. We’ll tell you their secret.

“Wonderful” inspiration

You’re surely familiar with the brand Mr. Wonderful. What started as a small company with inspirational quotes and good vibes has managed to expand across the globe thanks to e-commerce. Everything seems so easy once you’re at the top, but nothing can be further from the truth. The creators of Mr. Wonderful have had to work really hard—just like the translators who got down to work for effective transcreation of its products, so that they would go over as well with the public abroad as with the public within Spain.

The power of information technology

New technologies and the world of computers have experienced a considerable boom over the past few years. This is why it’s hardly surprising that one of these SME success stories reaping great success on both local and international markets belongs to this sector. Have you ever heard of PC Componentes? Chances are, some of the computer equipment or technological components that you see on a day-to-day basis have been manufactured by them. A strong commitment to have staff proficient in languages and a well-thought-out strategic vision have turned them into an SME success story that is gradually making a name for itself across borders.

Franchises galore

In Spain, you can almost find a franchise on every corner. These are precisely the SMEs that—more often than not—have the guts to go global. Inditex, Mango and Desigual started out as small companies that grew to become fashion icons in every country. The secret? Placing an emphasis on languages and specialized professional translations. And this is because the more transparent a business is and the more it engages with consumers, the higher its chances of success.

The secret to internationalization of SMEs? A lot of work and effort, and giving specialized translation the merit it deserves. Two pairs of eyes are better than one and the more languages a brand effectively communicates in, the better.


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