They say that love makes the world go round. Nothing could be closer to the truth. You can love books, a person, a hobby and even languages, as we find with the professional translators at Okodia Translation Services. And love is precisely what we want to talk about today. Love expressed in different words. Did you know that there are thousands of words used to talk about love in different languages?

Love is a universal language that transcends the barriers of language and culture. However, each language has its own words to describe this deep and complex feeling. On this linguistic journey, we will explore some of the most beautiful words used to express love in different languages around the world.

At Okodia Translation Services, we have complied a short list of some of the words used when talking about love and we want to share them with you here and on our Instagram profile (@okodia)! In that way, if you travel to any of the countries discussed below, you may find the opportunity to use some of these words.

Words of love that transcend cultures

Love, being such a huge and multifaceted concept, has inspired the creation of unique words in every corner of the world. From the depths of Africa to the mountains of Asia, together these words capture the full range of nuances and emotions that are often difficult to describe in a single language.

In Swahili, spoken in parts of East Africa, the word “pendo” embodies the deep and lasting love between two people. In Hindi, “प्यार”(pyaar) means ardent and passionate love. In Hawaiian, “aloha” not only means love, but also affection, peace and compassion.

In Portuguese, the word “saudade” evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing for a lost or distant love, while in Arabic, “عشق” (ishq) describes a passionate, burning love that consumes the soul.

In indigenous languages such as Quechua, spoken in the Andes, “munay” represents a deep, spiritual love that transcends the physical. In the language used by the Inuits, “iktsuarpok” describes the feeling of anxiety and anticipation when waiting for someone we love.

These words show us how different cultures conceptualise and express love in their own unique ways, giving us a broader and richer perspective on this universal feeling. Furthermore, they allow us to appreciate the depth and complexity of love in all its forms, from unbridled passion to the gentlest of tender feelings.

Each of these words offers a window into the unique culture and human experiences of their respective places of origin. They remind us that while our expressions of love may differ linguistically, the underlying feeling is universal.

Words of love that have no translation

  1. Dor (Romanian). Longing for a loved one.
  2. Cheiro no cangote (Portuguese). Stroking the tip of your nose along someone’s neck.
  3. Flechazo (Spanish). Love at first sight.
  4. Geborgenheit (German). Feeling of security when you are with loved ones.
  5. Oodal (Tamil). Play fighting between lovers.
  6. Iktsuarpok (Inuit). Longing to see someone.
  7. Onsra (Boro). Bittersweet feeling that love will not last.
  8. Yuanfen (Chinese). The force that unites two people.
  9. Forelsket (Danish). Euphoria of falling in love.
  10. Manabamate (Rapa Nui). Lack of appetite when you fall in love.
  11. Hanyauku (Rukwangali). Walking barefoot across the sand.
  12. Aay’Han (Mandalorian). Bittersweet moment of mourning and happiness.
  13. Gezlligheid (Dutch). The warmth of being with loved ones.
  14. Kilig (Tagalog). The dizziness that a person feels on seeing their lover.
  15. Psithirisma (Greek). Sound of the wind rustling through the leaves.
  16. Odnoliub (Russian). Someone who has only one love in their life.
  17. Hai shi shan meng (Chinese). The promise of eternal love.
  18. Mo Chuisle Mo Chroí (Gaelic). The beating of a heart.
  19. Ya’Aburnee (Arab). Life without a lover would not be living.
  20. Naz (Urdu). The pride you feel in being loved.

As you may have guessed, there are thousands of words in as many languages which we can use to express love. Not only love itself, but also the different facets of this feeling. And of course, our professional translators will always be happy to find the perfect translation for these. And you? Do you have any words in mind that you use to talk about love and its meaning?

We love them all, because they all reveal something.


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