It is said that love makes the world go round. This can be a love for books, a person, a hobby or languages, which is the case for Okodia’s professional translators. And love is exactly what we’ll talk about today: love expressed in words. Did you know that there are thousands of words in the world to express unconditional love for something or someone? At Okodia-Grupo traductor, we made a short list of some of them to share with you! This way, if you find yourself traveling to any of the countries below, you’ll surely be able to use some of these words.

 Words that speak of love in other languages

1- Dor (Romanian). It means longing for a loved one.

2- Cheiro no cangote (Portuguese). Brushing the tip of one’s nose against someone’s neck.

3- Flechazo (Spanish). Love at first sight.

4- Geborgenheit (German). Feeling of security by being with your loved ones.

5- Oodal (Tamil). Fake annoyance between lovers.

6- Iktsuarpok (Inuit). Yearning for someone to visit you.

7- Onsra (Bodo). Bittersweet feeling that love won’t last.

8.- Yuanfen (Chinese). The force that draws two people together.

9- Forelsket (Danish). Euphoria of falling in love.

10- Manabamaté (Rapa Nui). Lack of appetite when you fall in love.

11- Hanyauku (Kwangali). Walking barefoot across the sand.

12- Aay’Han (Mando’a). Bittersweet moment of grief and happiness.

13- Gezlligheid (Dutch). The warmth of being with loved ones.

14- Kilig (Tagalog). That giddiness you feel when you see your beau.

15- Psithirisma (Greek). Sound of the wind whispering through the leaves.

16- Odnoliub (Russian). Someone who has only one love in their life.

17- Hai shi sahn meng (Chinese). The promise of eternal love.

18- Mo Chuisle Mo Chroí (Gaelic). The pulse of my heart.

19- Ya’Aburnee (Arabic). Living without a lover would be no kind of life.

20- Naz (Urdu). The pride you feel for being loved.


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