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Okodia is a human translation agency, certified with ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 standards. We work with more than 80 languages from all over the world. Thanks to the more than 1,500 specialized professional translators who work for Okodia, we translate more than 10 million words every year in almost all areas of expertise.
The partnership we have with WPML guarantees the possibility of having a comfortable and easy translation workflow to obtain professional and quality translations for your WordPress website without having to worry too much about many technical details.

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    Benefits of working with Okodia

    Your time is money

    If Okodia stands out for something, it is because of its great seriousness and commitment. It is part of our DNA. For this reason, time is important to us, so we guarantee delivery within the expected deadlines so that you can organize the rest of your strategy without worrying about possible delays.

    Your project is now ours

    From the moment you entrust your project to us, it is part of our own work, and as such we will look after it. From this moment we are your partner, somebody else of your team. We will get involved from the first moment guaranteeing that your/our project is unique.

    Your budget is important to us

    We offer you a standard rate adjusted to the characteristics of the website, trying to maximize your budget so that you can send us more work. We know that the more your budget is stretched, the more possibilities there are to translate into more languages.

    Work with Okodia now and take the first step

    Ask us for an authorization token to connect your website and WPML with Okodia.