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    Today, as every April 23, we commemorate the World Book Day. It should not be anything exceptional, as many other things that have their day and should be of “daily use”, but it is welcome if it serves to remember for at least one single day the importance of reading. Let’s commemorate it!

    Books are one of the best tools that we have within scope. They help us to evade during the timeframe we are reading, the make us get rid of stress, they empower our minds and creativity, they help us improve our spelling, we create more culture and we learn and, above all, we dream. Reading a good story may make us dream, to think that better things can happen or that we can reach them.

    Since childhood, thanks to wonderful tales, we go deep into amazing stories through words, lines and paragraphs. Books have so many things to tell. And you, do you allow books to tell stories to you?




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