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    It´s not unusual that a professional translator has had to clarify during a conversation that they are not a dubbing actor –to distinguish between Translation and Interpretation- or even worse, try to convince someone that their profession is vital for many people and situations. Well, in today´s blog we would like to illustrate some everyday situations where translation can make all the difference to your next door neighbour´s life or any other person with concerns. Maybe you´ll discover that you need a professional translator in your life and you don’t know it yet.


    Let´s start with students that, usually, want to move around, explore, learn and investigate. During this time of life opportunities to travel to other countries can arise, for either study or work. In the event of either situation, a certain amount of preliminary bureaucracy is inevitable. And yes, those tedious documents also need to be translated. You wouldn´t want to start your journey on the wrong foot now, would you? During this period of reverie, it´s normal to write a thesis and it´s important to get it translated. A poor quality translation that jeopardises your work will not do you any good.


    Anyone with cultural concerns could also need our services. Are you interested in the area of science? Have you thought about writing an informative article, a children’s story or a book of poetry? Have you made your first short film with your own humble production company? If so, we can help you too. If you´d like to submit your article for publication in a magazine, they would surely ask you for an abstract in English, for example. And what about your fairy tale? Surely many children who speak other languages would like it too, as well as your poems. Finally, are you going to deprive millions of spectators of your short film, the one you are so proud of? In the latter case, if your answer is no, then we´re pleased to announce that now is the time to use audio-visual translation.


    If you maintain a blog, then there must be something you want to share: Beauty secrets beauty and fashion, health and wellness advice, photography tips, etc, the list is endless. But it´s unlikely that people who don´t understand your language will be able to enjoy them, right? Your blog is begging to be translated.


    Then there are the entrepreneurs, in whatever area they may be, people with a drive to make things happen and want to open themselves up to the world. Apart from the business they wish to start, they should definitely make a website and, if they don´t want their progress to be limited by the language barrier, then it will need to be presented in several languages right from the start.


    Lastly, we have our endearing small business people, owners of traditional business: hairdressers, bars, shops, etc., who would surely be wary of us if we were to offer our services. But at times like this, logic will always be on our side. “How can your services be of any use to me, my dear?” “Maybe to find out what ingredients are in the dyes you´ve just bought, for example” or “So that tourists aren´t afraid to order any of the dishes on your menu, Manolo”.


    You need us, basically, to ensure that you don´t stop halfway through your projects and to avoid looking ridiculous when you least expect it, because of a poor quality translation. You need a professional translator in your life and you don´t know it yet. What can we do for you today?


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