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    In previous posts, we talked about general factors that should be borne in mind when it comes to finding the best translator for your text. Generally speaking, it is crucial to identify the nature of the text to be translated, the final target or recipient of the translation, and the translator profile required by the document.

    Today we will focus on more mundane aspects which are linked rather to practical matters, such as the translation deadline, the format in which you will deliver the text or document, and, last but not least, the price you want to pay.


    Let’s start by the time available for you (and therefore your translator or agency) to provide the translation. You should bear in mind that a reasonable deadline must be given, particularly in the case of many documents, or a large document. The average number of words that a professional translator can translate in one day varies, but expect it to be about 2,500 to 3,000 (depending on the difficulty of the text, the computer-assisted translation tools available, etc.) So you can take a look at your document and get an idea of what you need (e.g. whether you can do with a single translator or need a team).

    Let’s take a look at the document format now. Many customers don’t realise this until we tell them, but a Word text is not the same – or as hard – as a Pdf file. The difference is important when it comes to counting the number of words to translate or the text layout.

    And finally, there is the (practically) eternal question: How much will you charge? For the reasons above, our answer is always: “It depends”.

    When it comes to giving a price quote, we take these factors into account (as well as the language pair, obviously). Having a comfortable deadline to translate and proofread a text, however long it is, is not the same thing as having to do it urgently (in which case, obviously, it’s more expensive). Nor are scientific and sworn translations usually charged at the same rates as general translations. Likewise, if the format of a document is hard to lay out, this will also be reflected in the price.

    In any case, don’t forget that what is most important when finding the best translator possible is ensuring quality. The best translator will probably be neither the fastest nor the cheapest. Remember that good work required dedication, and quality has a price.



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