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    If you ask a professional translator why they chose to study translation and interpretation, they will probably say it was a calling. One thing about being a professional translator is beyond doubt: either you like it or you don’t. When you are passionate about your work, it shows. But passion alone does not pay the bills (although working in the area you love is obviously a bonus), so in this article we tell you what jobs professional translators can do and how professionals in this sector usually find work.

    What is the market looking for from a translator?

    Regardless of whether you are a specialised medical translator or a sworn translator, for example, all good professionals must also adapt to the demands of the market. One important thing to bear in mind is that companies are always looking for people who show initiative and can work independently, or in other words, they don’t want to have to be constantly telling them what to do. So, they are looking for professionals who always know what they need to do.

    A professional translator also has to be decisive. When a customer uses the services of a translation company, for example, the last thing they want is more problems. Customers are always looking for solutions and an end result that reflects their actual needs.

    The market is also looking for a range of professions. What does that mean? It means that different types of translators are required. For example, some translators are in charge of proofreading projects once other translators have finished them. There are others who pull the finished translations together and others who simply translate the text when they receive the job.

    And yes, the translator market also wants specialisation. Can you imagine having to explain to a painter how they should paint the walls of your house? I bet you can’t! It’s exactly the same in the world of translation. The customer does not want to have to explain to the translator how to do the job. If the professional translator is specialised in a specific field, they will understand the particular features of that field. This means that everything will go more smoothly.

    It’s not enough just to be good. You also have to know how to sell yourself and be good at communicating. A professional translator must do this and good translators always stand out.

    Finding a job as a translator

    When looking for a job as a translator, people frequently use specific websites such as Jooble, where they can find job offers for professional translators. Employers using that service are looking for freelance professional translators or for professional translators who will join a specific department in a company.

    However, many professionals also choose to visit the websites of translation agencies such as Okodia, where we have a specific section where people can send us their CV. We use this to create a database of professional translators specialised in different fields and different languages. This allows us to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of our customers.

    Professional opportunities for translators

    When we hear the word “translator”, we all think about a professional who is in charge of expressing a text in another language. Although this is the most recognised part of the work of professional translators, it is not the only one, since there are other professional opportunities for translators.

    Many companies contact Okodia Translation Services because they are looking to translate their content. The work requires more the just one translator, because after the initial translation we put our projects through quality control before they are delivered to the customer. As a result, there are translators who proofread these translated texts and this is another professional opportunity for translators.

    Apart from that, translators also have the opportunity to work as project managers, software translators or localisation specialists, content creators and more. They can also specialise in any area of translation that appeals to them, such as sworn translation, legal translation or medical or technical translation. 🙂

    There are also some professionals who decide to teach. If you are a professional translator you can also work as a language teacher. However, if what you enjoy is translating, the best idea is to work for a translation agency. I’m sure that you will find the right job for you. 🙂



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