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    We often make the mistake of thinking that because we are a small company, we have nothing to translate, or that if all we do is send emails in English then anyone can do that, but that’s not entirely true. Do you know what your company should be translating? Let us explain.

    In general, companies have lots of different materials that can be translated that go unnoticed but it is essential for them to be at least checked over by a professional, since they are our direct contact with the customer, the most visible face of our company, our calling card.

    Short texts are the most commonly ignored. When documents are very short we don’t want to complicate things, we choose the person in the company who speaks a bit of English and we turn them into a translator for the day, but this practice is very risky since, surprisingly, short texts are often more complex than longer ones.

    One example is advertising. This uses very short but key phrases, and if we translate them poorly the message we want to convey may be lost. If we have spent €300 on an advertising agency to find an amazing slogan to use in our country or language, why are we reluctant to pay €25 to internationalise it and reach a world market?

    Brochures, catalogues and newsletters are other examples of documents that act as direct contact with our customers but, as they are short, do not receive the attention they deserve. We should also not forget user manuals and instructions. These materials are extremely important. If the information is badly written the experience our customers have with our products can be poor, leading to no repeat purchases and a failure to convert purchasers into customers.

    Even a simple quote can be essential in creating a good first impression, so we need to focus on all the information we share in our company, take care with each of our communications and if we do not want to get them translated, we should at least find a professional translator who can check over our documents.


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