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    There are translations and then there are translations, like everything else in life. To us, those who are passionate about languages and words, there are certain jobs that seem the coolest on the market. They are original and fun commissions. Are you wondering what kind of translations we are talking about? Well, if you want to find out, keep reading, as we are going to tell you about the coolest translations of all time.

    The most interesting translation jobs

    A professional translator is capable of living many lives in parallel to their own. For example, imagine being the translator responsible for translating the Harry Potter books. That person can find out before anyone else the adventures and misadventures of the young wizard. To do a good job, they have to be able to put themselves in the shoes of both Harry and his readers.

    One of the coolest translation jobs is audio-visual translation. All the foreign films you see in the cinema or at home have gone through a translation process. We love translating audio-visual content, whether it is for films, television series or even adverts. It allows us a sneak preview at the advertising campaigns or foreign films that will go on to be a great success in other countries. It is, without doubt, one of the coolest translation jobs.

    Are you a fan of video games? We love them! Did you know that we are also often asked to translate video games? Games have more complex plots, more in-depth dialogue, and generally involve more elements and nuances. This means that the translations must also be accurate and do them justice. Professional translators who handle video game translations have a very interesting and methodical task ahead of them.

    In addition, culture fans will no doubt be happy to know that the professional translation of tourist, gastronomic and cultural documents is another of our coolest areas. These cover very specific issues in some countries, so they often relate to things that are new to us. It’s a way to become more cultured while doing great work. We love cultural translations, although what pleases us most is seeing you gain the benefit of our good work.


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