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    Thanks to the Internet, any company, no matter how small or remote, can become an international business. To achieve this, you simply need your own virtual space on the Internet and customers from all over the world will be able to browse it and buy your products and services.

    However, what is the most effective way to reach those customers? It is clear that we need to talk to these potential customers in their own language. That is the best way to show that you respect them and to earn their trust.

    The issue of trust is crucial when it comes to selling products or services over the Internet. In a virtual world where we do not know the seller personally and cannot see or touch the product we are buying, trust becomes a key issue for customers when deciding whether or not to buy a product from our website.

    If we talk to our customers in their own language, we are telling them that we respect them, that we respect their culture, that we are willing to make an effort to ensure that communication between us is good and that any distance that may exist between the buyer and the customer, either physical or cultural, is no obstacle to us forming a business relationship.

    By talking to customers in their own language, we use a code of communication that is known to them and that they can rely on, which will encourage them to buy a product from that company, even though they do not know it physically, since they know that any necessary communication with this company will be good.

    In today’s globalised market, we should not forget that exports and customer diversification are essential for companies to survive. So we must constantly search for customers around the world.

    To convince those potential customers that we are just the company they are looking for, the one that suits them best and the one that will best meet their needs, we must convince them of all this in their own language, making us seem closer to that customer and more trustworthy. If we cannot meet our customers personally face to face, if we cannot express our approachability and honesty with a gesture and a smile, at least we can talk to them in their own language.

    In this era of virtual commerce, the contents of our website are our business card, and these contents must always and in all areas consider the differences between our potential customers, offering our products or services in an open, respectful and honest way.

    Rocío González

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