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    Getting quality traffic— surely, this is the objective that you’ve set for your blog this 2018. As crazy as it sounds, languages can double your blog traffic. How should you do it? This translation guide will help you achieve success this year. Go ahead! Your blog will definitely get an increase in traffic.

    1- Clear objectives

    If you have a blog, but no objective in sight, you’ve got another think coming. The first step in this translation guide for a successful blog in 2018 is knowing where you want your site to go. Asking yourself questions such as “Why do I want a blog?” and “What type of visitors do I want” will go a long way in helping you succeed.

    2- Translation guide: how many languages should I translate into?

    If blogs are all the rage now, those that are available in several languages are doubly so. Nowadays, it’s de rigueur to have a blog in both English and Spanish, but why not in French as well? Do a little market research using your site’s analytics to find out which parts of the world your traffic comes from. This will give you a better idea of which languages you should translate your blog into.

    3-Translate the URLs and metadata

    Having a localized blog is not enough to position it well on the Internet. It is also a must to translate metadata and the URLs. Metadata is important to categorize the different services or products offered to customers. What’s more, it helps internauts find the resources they need. Google does not take into account the elements that can be manipulated to improving ranking, although it does consider everything done naturally.

    And most importantly, don’t forget that you owe it to your readers. High-quality content always boosts the chances of success of your blog or website. And if you still have any questions left, you can find the answers in this free guide on translating your blog. Go out and do your best!


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