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    30 September is a day worth remembering. Mark it on your calendar because it is one of the most important days of the year. It is Translation Day. You might ask yourself why it is important. Well, it’s because professional translators have an impact onalmost every area of your life.

    Believe it or not, practically everything you do on a daily basis involves the work of a professional translator. For example, have you seen the series Money Heist on Netflix? You might be aware that it is a Spanish series, so the services of an audio-visual translator were needed to allow you to watch it in your own language. Curious, right?

    Well, the same is true for many more areas of our daily lives. If you are a business person, you will also understand the importance of having a website that is properly translated into other languages in order to attract a more international clientele. There, obviously, the work of a translator also comes in.

    This even applies to something as simple as IKEA instructions. Why do you think the instructions are not in Swedish when we come to assemble a piece of furniture at home? Technical translators are required to “help” you do those kinds of jobs.

    Why is Translation Day in September?

    You might also ask yourself why Translation Day is in September. It all has to do with Saint Jerome, the patron saint of translators. He is considered the patron saint of professional translators because he was the first person to translate the Bible, one of the most translated works in the world. This Saint, so knowledgeable in languages, died on 30 September.

    So, mystery solved! 30 September is Translation Day because of Saint Jerome who is the patron saint of translators and the whole profession itself. Over time, people felt a need to play down the Christian element involved in the choice of this date and instead create a more inclusive day that could eliminate all cultural, religious or linguistic barriers. This was achieved with a UN resolution that International Translation Day would be held each year on 30 September to raise awareness about our work around the world.

    Bear in mind that without professional translators many language barriers would be impossible to overcome. It is also good to have someone who can help you from time to time with much more mundane things, such as saying good morning in English, good afternoon in Catalan or happy birthday in various languages. So always celebrate the way that professional translators help you. Without them, we would be much more ignorant about other countries and languages.


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