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    The tourism industry is one of the greatest sources of income and one of the most competitive industries in Spain.

    There are several factors that have an impact on someone’s decision to visit a city or a country, such as the weather, the gastronomy, the cultural offer, but, above all, what encourages tourists to opt for a destination is the possibility of communicating and making themselves understood in their own language. For this reason, translating your contents into the language of the countries that you want to reach is crucial.

    Some time ago we were talking about the benefits of translating a website, and this is even more important for a hospitality or tourism company. Tourists will always feel much more comfortable and willing to consume if they can read and listen their own language.

    So if you have a tourism company, you should take exquisite care with the translations of all your contents, be they website, leaflets, guides, promotional videos, and even restaurant menus.

    Mistakes in tourism translations

    Many companies fall in the temptation of using automatic translators, believing that this is an affordable, fast resource. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This causes a number of mistakes which we will now describe so you don’t make them.

    • Spelling and concordance mistakes
    • Unintelligible paragraphs
    • Literal translations that confuse users

    These mistakes may cause tourists to lose interest in returning to your business and generate confusion in users. Worst of all, your customer will not return and will make negative reviews, which means that you will lose potential customers.

    Materials to translate.

    You may wonder which materials should be translated to reach the highest number of tourisms possible and improve the image of your business. Some of the materials that can be translated are:

    • Tourism promotion catalogues,
    • Corporate and tourism websites,
    • Tourism apps,
    • Restaurant menus,
    • Tourism leaflets,
    • Tourism guides,
    • ..

    As you have seen, tourism translation is crucial for your business. Not only this: ask your provider about your portfolio, whether they also specialise in marketing and tourism to give a professional, attractive, direct, and adequate image. You must know what the main function of those translations is: in many cases, promoting your texts and your business.

    As always, if you need more information about what we can do for your and for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will give you an answer to your problems.


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