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    Have you ever read something, maybe a newspaper article, website description or even an advertisement, and thought: “Wow, that would have sounded so much better with a little editing!” or even worse, “Wow, that’s a really bad translation!”? This happens more often than you think, and most of the time, rather than it being a bad translation, the problem is simply that the author has not checked their text before publishing it.

    The importance of proofreading in professional translation.

    At Okodia, all of our professional projects are checked over by other translators to avoid mistakes and guarantee the best possible result. For example, you probably remember learning to write an essay in school and thinking to yourself that there was no point in checking it over once it had been written. After all, who has time for that?  Well, it turns out that spending time reviewing any text, especially in the world of professional translation, will save professional translators time and prevent the quality of the final translated text from being poor.

    What does a “bad translation” really mean?

    There are many reasons to check over documents that have been translated. At Okodia these checks are performed by someone other than the person who did the original translation, since we believe that four eyes are better than two. Very often, any mistakes made are very small, although at times they can make a big difference in the meaning. For example, people sometimes write “you” instead of “your”, although the reader can normally guess the exact meaning. Proofreading also provides the opportunity to correct those spelling mistakes that can sometimes appear without realising it.

    Another reason to check a document is to spot where similar words have been repeated in a sentence, something which a real sign of poor writing in any language. For example, “follow the followers” sounds strange, even when it comes to religion, although you are probably only thinking about the social media!

    And finally, proofreading can also give you a second chance to insert much-needed punctuation into long sentences that require commas, semicolons or hyphens to divide them up. Basically, the general rule of thumb is that if you can’t understand it, the target audience won’t understand it either.

    Therefore, remember that it is just as important for you to check over the documents before sending them to our professional translation agency as it is for us to check them over again once they have been translated by our professional translators. In that way, success will be more than guaranteed.


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