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    READ THE FIRST PART HERE  Who hurt this child? Obviously, a human translator would have gone with the less alarming, and correct, translation.

    Google Translator has also done pretty well in technical translation. In this case, it usually spouts incomprehensible translations, meaningless texts which have been literally translated. Here you can read a clear example, although everyone has come across labels and instructions in terrible translations, which provide so much fodder for memes on social media.

    But if there is an industry that is being harmed by automatic translation, it’s tourism translation – mainly menus, where it is often impossible to imagine what every dish is. An infamous example is he came in bottle for botella de vino (bottle of wine) or the translation of the Spanish word callos (tripe) into Catalan: durícies (corns – as in, corns on your feet). Professional translations seriously doubt that anyone would order this suspicious delicacy. The list of blunders in menus and restaurants is endless and very funny, but not all the tourism industry is about gastronomy.


    If you are planning to go to a summer festival, don’t worry if you see one Allunyant (“Distancing”) Sanz announced in the programme of a well-known festival on the coast of Catalonia. Yes, it’s the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz. Someone misspelt his name as “Alejando” (in Spanish, distancing), ran the programme through Google Translator, and sent it for publication with no proofreading. No comment.

    But the top spot in the ranking goes to the scandal that shook Galicia not long ago when Google mistranslated the “Turnip Top Fair”. We already told you about this in a past post in our blog. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.

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