The top 5 translation posts

The Internet is populated with thousands of translation blogs. All of them arouse interest within the translation trade, as the normally deal with subjects that are vitally important for the sector. Marketing, translation mistakes, productivity tips for translators, the best applications ever translated… posts that arouse a high level of interest as there is always something to be learnt from them. So with the aim that you, as well as us at Okodia Translation Group expand our knowledge, we’ve selected the best 5 translation posts (in the whole wide world). Do you recognise any of them?

1. The best worst translations between Spanish and English 

Translation mistakes have always been a classic among translation posts and we simply had to include them here. The Huffington Post have compiled some of the most amusing posts in a gallery that’s well worth checking out, even though they’re not always that funny. Like the famous case of usage instructions of some North American medicines, for example, which state ‘once a day,’ but which was translated into Spanish as ‘once veces al día’ (eleven times a day).

2. The universe in one word (and how to translate it)

We now move on from translation mistakes, to untranslatable words. Yes, there are words which, whether we like it or not, won’t have an equivalent term in other languages. Most of the time, they will often require a much longer definition, as is the case with translation posts like this one En la Luna de Babel. Would you know how to find an English word for the Italian term ‘culcaccino’?

3- Translator rituals that ensure the perfect project.

Like it or not, you must have a strange secret habit (or maybe not so secret). What’s yours? A few months ago, we wrote a translation post relating to the strange habits translators adopt when getting down to work. You’d be surprised at what we uncovered. Because…when dealing with strange habits…nobody beats translators. 

4. Priceless moments: the emotional retribution of a translator

There are moments that are worth more than a million euros. Translation offers some such moments, as you can read in this translation post by EL traductor en la sombra. That sensation of getting paid (and paid well), for doing a job you enjoy is one of the most pleasurable, but there are times in a translator’s career where such delights excel themselves.

5- Jroña… ¿que? jroña

This marketing campaign by Danone caused quite a stir, when the campaign video was literally translated from Greek into Spanish, using words that didn’t actually exist, leaving translators dumbfounded. ‘El Arte de Traducir’ translation blog was in a state of shock in this post about the literal translation used in this marketing campaign. It’s well worth reading. 

What about you? Are there any posts you’d like to add to this list?