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    The new year is almost here and with it comes renewed hope. The hope that it will be a better twelve months than the ones we just had in 2020. This year has made us realise many things, such as the need to appreciate the things that really matter and to pay more attention to international issues. That is why 2021 will become the year of professional translation. Do you want to know which translations will be the most in demand? Keep reading!

    Medicines, vaccines, diseases

    2020 has made us realise that a pandemic can alter our lives in a matter of seconds. Professional translators play an essential role in reporting on global issues, such as Covid-19 developments or news about the vaccine. Medical translation has been used to communicate the benefits and side effects of vaccines to the world, so plays a key role. That is why this professional translation specialty will be essential in 2021. And, as we always say, medical translations also save lives.

    Opportunities in other countries

    The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented global economic crisis. That might make it more difficult to find a job or business opportunities in your own country, but how about abroad? Pandemics such as Covid-19 also make us realise that e-commerce has created endless job opportunities. What if we try to enter the market in other countries such as France, Germany or even the United States? Professional translation will be more than essential in allowing new business ideas to be communicated outside our borders.

    The Internet will always need professional translation

    Companies and individuals will be keen to have professional translations of their website. Did you know that a website’s traffic can double if the contents are translated into other languages? We are sure that 2021 will see the start of the recovery, so many companies and individuals with websites will want to carve out a place in the world through website translation. Using a professional translation agency will be the best way to do this.

    So in 2021, medical translation, website translation and business translation services will be the most in demand. Do you agree?

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