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    It’s high summer, when our many obligations give way to fun and rest. In Okodia we continue to work enthusiastically, and in this post we bring you some posts on language, languages, and translation which we think you will find both informative and entertaining, and make even make you smile.

    Being on holidays does not mean stopping acquiring knowledge or ceasing to be intellectually active. Luckily, in the summer we have the time for reading which we often lack in the winter, and it’s one of the things that we usually do while on holiday. You probably have a pile of books patiently awaiting, but perhaps you’d like to look at our list on the best posts on languages and translation to read this summer. Take a look!


    To begin with, if you are as interested in quality translation as we are, you can read a couple of funny articles on some of Google Translator’s most frequent mistakes. Click here to start reading, and don’t miss the second part. Incredibly but sadly true. If you still had any doubts about the benefits of human translation over computer or automated translation, we hope we have dispelled them.

    If you have some time while you have a coffee in the morning or after lunch, perhaps you’d like to read a post about language trivia or brush up here on your rusty false friends. As in life, you never know when you’ll come across them.

    Have you heard about transcreation but don’t know exactly what it is? It will probably ring a bell, but you may not have had the time or chance to investigate. Now’s the time: you can find everything about it hereí.

    Summer will end, and resolutions and projects for the coming months will start to emerge. If you are thinking about setting up your own business, you’ll have to spend some time thinking about your brand. In this post we describe a couple of interesting cases, and, if you want more, you can continue to read here and learn more about other inspiring examples.

    If you are one of those who always want to keep up to date, you should read this post about technological developments that would be arriving this year. Are there any that you still haven’t heard of? You can also find more about some changes which Adwords wants to make, and which obviously have to do with language. Learning is always a good thing, and languages, like any tope related with them, are constantly changing and evolving.

    In Okodia we continue to work, offering our professional services throughout the year and preparing new contents for our blog. Take us with you on your holidays!


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