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    Grab your bags and let’s go! It’s time to take a few days off, get new ideas and air our brains a little. All professionals need this from time to time, but especially translators. Sometimes it seems the translators are always travelling. If you specialise in tourism translation, you may know of destinations that you haven’t been to before, and if you work with other areas such as website translation, you may also ‘travel’ the world and its many cultures, without leaving your house. But this time we invite you to pack your bags and discover the best holiday destinations for translators 

    Cities and place names

    Translators adore languages and also love travelling. One of the best holiday destinations for translators is Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. Relax, we haven’t lost our minds. Don’t you like a challenge? Well here’s one for you! (First you have to find out how to pronounce it). This is one of the best holiday destinations for translators because it’s a very interesting place, a long way from the typical overcrowded cities. It’s a little village in North Wales and appears in the Guinness book of records for having the second longest place name in the world. Do you dare to visit?

    28 languages in one holiday

    Holidays are for disconnecting, but also for discovering the world. Translators rarely disconnect, but they could possibly manage it if they visited New Caledonia, the French-speaking island in the Pacific Ocean. Here you’ll find speakers of up to 28 different languages. If you manage to disconnect, it’s because you don’t know any of them! The experience already makes it one of the best destinations for translators. 

    In pursuit of runes

    Stockholm may seem a useful destination for holidays. And it would be, if it didn’t depend on the plan you choose when you visit. Language lovers would enjoy the visit to the history Museum to see the Kylver stone, a 5th century rock containing 24 runes from the Futhark alphabet. 

    What you think? Fancy one of the best holiday destinations for translators to disconnect for a few days?



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