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    In our previous blog posts we have examined the factors to be taken into account when ordering a translation. Once you have taken a look at all of them and made a decision, we can only say well done!


    Sometimes our customers are not aware of the benefits of translating a text, document, or website until they make a translation order. Even though sometimes translations are made because it’s mandatory (annual accounts or contracts with multinationals, for example), the fact is that more and more people are promoting their business, adding notoriety to their theses, papers, articles, etc., and making their products international through multilingual communication. Why? Because the benefits of communicating in several languages are obvious:

    1. Greater reach and relevance. It’s clear that the more people understand your message, the greater your capacity to expand your target. If you reach more markets, you will get more business. Just think that everyone’s much more comfortable buying in their native language – it gives a feeling of security and trust.
    1. Notoriety. This adds on the previous point. A translation improves your audience’s knowledge about your product or about you and what you do. A scientific paper, a study on any topic, or even a literary text will have greater diffusion if they are translated into other languages.
    1. Practicality and effectiveness. When it comes to working and communicating (within your own company or with other parties), it’s best if communication is clear, with no misunderstandings or ambiguity. This has a direct impact on your results. Good communication is effective communication.

    To conclude, these three benefits translate into one thing: boosting your opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to make use of an opportunity to increase their possibilities of success?



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