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    Technical translation helps companies to expand internationally in many different ways. From technical documents and user manuals to patents, everything must be translated when selling products abroad. Technical translation is a must if your company is to meet the requirements of international markets. What’s more, this type of professional translation could save the following industries in 2021. Read on to find out why!

    1. Fintech

    The pandemic has accelerated the growth of financial technology as more people have been forced to use online payments. The sector has expanded across international markets with the clear intention of providing fairer access to financial services. Almost 1.7 billion people need fintech solutions to pay for goods and services without a bank account.

    Companies in the fintech industry need to speak the local language to gain people’s trust. At the same time, to comply with the law they also need to provide complicated technical documents in all these languages. The more the fintech companies grow, the greater the interest local governments have in imposing specific laws that require technology companies to provide comprehensive information about their services in the local languages.

    2. Blockchain

    The blockchain industry is much more than just Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as it is used in many industries and has an impressive growth potential. The blockchain industry is expected to reach $39.7 billion by 2025. As more governments work on creating blockchain strategies to simplify operations and reduce bureaucracy, the market is creating endless possibilities for blockchain companies and developers.

    3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

    By 2021, 73% of global companies will have implemented SaaS solutions to improve their efficiency. Most of them are looking for providers that work across multiple languages to ensure the same user experience for multilingual employees and international teams.

    Technical translations are an essential part of any SaaS project in global companies. Businesses hoping to attract new customers need to offer the best quality products and services in all the languages spoken by their multinational customers.

    SaaS translation is vital for companies looking to turn their products into global solutions that solve problems and become market leaders in their respective business sectors.

    4. Logistics

    The logistics industry could reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2021, but that won’t happen without technical translation. As sustainability becomes the main concern in this sector, companies will have to collaborate globally to keep up with the new expectations of this market.

    From research to technical documentation on smart packaging, an impressive amount of technical content will need to be translated to keep this industry moving. Companies aiming to promote their products in international markets and publicise their sustainability efforts will need technical translations to ensure that their messages are heard across the global markets.


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