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    We are living in the age of the video. Films, company videos, the audiovisual content you see on the Internet … all of these exist for different reasons: to sell more, entertain and even educate. I am sure that you have seen plenty of videos produced in other countries but that you can watch thanks to a professional translator. Do you know how to take full advantage of an audiovisual translation? We will explain this.

    Audiovisual content is what makes the world go around. Hundreds of companies have their own and other people’s content that in one way or another needs an audiovisual translation. One of the most in demand is audiovisual transcription. Why is this, you may ask. Well, it’s to make sure that there is a written record of the content of videos.

    Why use audiovisual transcription?

    Several elements need to be taken into account in the process of video transcription: the nature of the transcription itself, the theme, the people involved in the video, their accents, the quality of the audio and the terminology. This makes video transcription a complicated and laborious task, one that only professionals who are native speakers of the language can perform.

    Audiovisual translation, or in this case video transcription, can help your company generate text that is readable by Internet search engines, so it will allow you to position your business much better.

    In turn, through audiovisual translation you can also improve the ability of foreigners to understand key business issues, which will increase the audience for your publications.

    If you use a professional translator for your audiovisual content, you can also take advantage and subtitle your audiovisual content with the languages you need, allowing you to reach a larger market.

    With audiovisual transcription you can also enrich your content, so your company will be able to take full advantage of any audiovisual translation it commissions.



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