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    Lockdown is now being relaxed in many countries. After months of confinement and the health crisis caused by coronavirus, many countries are now taking steps to return to normal, or to the closest thing to normal they can manage. However, there will be no normality until there is an effective SARS-Cov-2 vaccine and that may take time. What is the role of professional translators in all this? We are useful. Medical translation is one of the areas of professional translation that can help the world find a coronavirus vaccine.

    Medical translators fighting the pandemic

    You may have a fairly general idea of what medical translators do. Yes, they help translate documents such as those for medical reports, clinical trials and medicines, among others, but that is not their only function.

    Medical translation professionals are cooperating internationally to find an effective vaccine to stop the pandemic. In fact, the development and production of vaccines requires fast and accurate communication, overcoming language barriers.

    That requires medical translators to quickly provide multi-field medical translations. This allows researchers from the different countries, all involved in investigating different drugs and combinations in the search of a cure for the pandemic, to access information on medical research in other countries, quickly and with confidence.

    Specialised medical translation

    The specialised translators at Okodia Translation Services produce reliable, technically accurate translations and since these are medical translations, they have the medical training that allows them to do so. We offer fast translations of all the documents necessary for international projects developing and producing medicines and vaccines.

    Medical translation can do a lot to save lives during health pandemics like this one. International cooperation is essential in the medical field and professional translators are also essential in this field.



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