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“We are very happy with their efficiency and delivery times.
In addition, their drive to improve and their proactive nature make Okodia a thoroughly trustworthy company and we will continue to work with them.”

Patricia Nadal,IRB Barcelona
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    medical translation, Medical translation old
    medical translation, Medical translation old
    medical translation, Medical translation old
    medical translation, Medical translation old
    medical translation, Medical translation old

    Did you know that one of the translation jobs with the most responsibility is medical translation, and more specifically the translation of life sciences and health-related topics?

    Something as simple as a misplaced comma in the translation of a clinical trial protocol could cause significant delays in the acceptance of the study by the ethics committees.

    Too high a linguistic register in the translation of an informed consent document may mean that a patient cannot understand what they are consenting to.

    Choosing one preposition instead of another next to a verb in the translation of a medical contract may make the other party liable for the costs.

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    These are just three examples of the many cases we encounter on a daily basis at Okodia Translation Services when performing medical translations. Medical reports, scientific articles on cardiology, instructions for use of medical devices, medicine package inserts, and other types of documentation for dentistry, veterinary medicine, biology, etc. These are extremely important texts in relation to:

    The health of your patients.

    Your reputation and your profits as a company, as you are liable for the content.

    Meeting submission deadlines and the chance of being accepted by the authorities in each country.

    The final cost of your projects.

    In order to offer you the best quality translations for all your life science documents, we go one step further and offer you a service that is both exclusive and extremely professional: Okomeds, our internal department dedicated exclusively to specialised medical translations:


    Translations for CROs: Contract Research Organisations

    If you are involved in research, you know that clinical research for the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary sectors is essential. Without this work, the other life science sectors would not obtain the financial profits essential to achieve a key strategic position.

    Companies and organisations from different countries (including emerging countries) invest billions each year in researching new medicines and health products. This large international investment requires very high quality translations. A response that only a serious, established company with direct and proven experience in the field of health and medical translation can offer.

    Okomeds offers you accurate translations that meet all technical, terminological and quality requirements of the different health agencies, such as AMD, FDA, MHLW, PMDA, SFDA, etc.

    Feasibility studies, clinical biostatistics, analytical services, patient recruitment, development of medical devices… the list of your professional commitments is huge and so is the documentation that your organisation generates daily. Documentation so specialised that you need an advanced, complete and, of course, fast and efficient multilingual response.

    As a CRO, you are subject to the strictest quality standards. As a customer of Okomeds, you will receive the high quality that your international customers demand.

    In a single phrase: Okomeds is the perfect ally that will help you to profitably perform your internationalisation process.


    Medical sector

    As a medical professional, you have an ethical obligation to do all that you can for each and every one of your patients, and as the head of a life science company, you have an obligation to offer the best service to your customers, to your market. In the global market in which your company works, you need a professional, specialised and high quality translation of a large volume of documentation, for example: Clinical protocols, hospital records and reports, CRF (Case Report Forms), medical journals, patient logs, patient consent forms, technical papers, instructions for use, documentation related to good practices in health prevention, documentation for the registration of medicines, studies on new techniques, clinical trials, toxicology reports, abstracts and papers.
    Promotional material, applications for grants and permits, etc.

    For profitability, in your daily activity you delegate part of your work to your trusted colleagues, to the people in your company. So why not delegate your translation work to recognised professionals with direct experience in your sector? With Okomeds, your new partner specialised in medical translations, you benefit from:

    • A team of specialised native translators with years of experience.
    • A team of certified translators and proofreaders.
    • Professional support from a team of doctors, pharmacists and biomedical engineers, specialised in your field.

    These features, together with the years of experience of each professional, provide you with a tangible benefit: the security and peace of mind of having a high-quality, rigorous and reliable medical translation service that is always there to meet the specific needs of your company. Okomeds has direct experience in the following sectors: General medicine, Anaesthesia, Biostatistics, Cardiology, Intensive care, Dentistry, Diagnostics and electro-diagnostics, Endoscopy, Endocrinology, Prosthetics, Toxicology, Oncology, Endocrinology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Gynaecology


    Pharmaceutical sector

    If you research, manufacture or market pharmaceutical products, you will undoubtedly have one of these needs:

    • You want to obtain licences from different countries around the world, in the local language, because they are required by the competent authorities.
    • Your labels, inserts, packaging, trials, patents, production manuals, information and advertising documents, etc., must be correctly translated into the different languages spoken in your new market.
    • Your documents must comply with the guidelines of EUDRA, EMEA, FDA, MHRA, TPD, MHLW, etc.
    • Your texts must correctly show the terminology and abbreviations used in your sector in the language of your new market.

    Globalisation processes and strong competition from emerging countries require you to have a strong, professional and international image. How? Through the different technical documents generated by your company. This is a long list of multilingual documentation that must be prepared with quality, accuracy, professionalism and speed. Four characteristics that are the key to your profits and that are guaranteed by Okomeds, your new specialised partner. Okomeds offers you its direct experience in the following specialities: Biopharmacy, Biophysics, Molecular biology, Clinical biochemistry, Dermopharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, Medicine formulation, Haematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition and dietetics, Orthopaedics – Parasitology, Pharmaceutical chemistry


    Veterinary sector

    As a company specialised in the veterinary sector, you must reach all those customers who work in other countries: veterinary clinics, training facilities, diagnostic centres, blood banks, ethologists, livestock farms, etc. These customers have a series of specific needs that you, as an international supplier, must meet. The technological advances of recent years have also radically changed the way work is done in this sector, and its organisational and procedural changes have led to the generation of a huge amount of specialised documentation; highly important texts that, in the global economic environment in which we live, require immediate translation into multiple languages:

    Clinical cases, Press releases, Technical papers, Disease and treatment information sheets, Healthcare and prevention guides and protocols, Medicine package inserts, Nutritional manuals, Food catalogues, Pet accessories catalogues, Food labels, Reproduction management manual, Healthcare policies, Cattle identification documents, CPR, Agricultural and livestock product quality certificates, Quick diagnosis test protocols, Protocols for action in the event of accidents, First aid protocols, Pest protocols, Training manuals for veterinary students, Complementary information materials: website texts, multimedia presentations, informational video scripts, etc., Contracts and financial reports, Patent applications


    Okomeds provides a specific, quick and extremely high quality response to the specific needs of your customers, thus becoming the perfect partner for your internationalisation process. We offer you a large group of translators who are specialised in the different branches of veterinary medicine, such as behavioural psychopathology, veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, parasitology, animal reproduction, etc. However, the specialised translators at Okomeds are not just professionals from the veterinary sector, they also have the support of technical specialists related to the different health prevention programmes in our country. The team of translators at Okomeds has direct experience in the following sectors:  Veterinary, Agro-industrial, Livestock, Health control, Clinical research, Biotechnology.

    From today, Okomeds is your new professional partner who will support you in the work you do each day, providing a specific response to a specific need. Simple, with no small print. Find out much more today at Remember: you only need to worry about the healthcare. Okodia will worry about your words.


    “Our institution has worked with Okodia several times, and we have always been very happy in terms of effectiveness, work and delivery deadlines, information, and feedback, as well as in terms of pricing and invoicing. We believe that their drive to improve and their proactive nature make Okodia a thoroughly trustworthy company which we will certainly continue to work with in the future.”

    Patricia Nadal(IRBB – Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute)

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