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    There are those who say that a professional is born, not made. But here at Okodia-Grupo traductor, we beg to differ. Good professionals are also trained. They read, they keep themselves informed, they listen, they learn, etc. Your goal is surely to become one of them. And as were celebrating International Translation Day, well give you a hand by providing you with free resources that will get you out of a jam!

    Communication…can be learned

    They say that if it is not communicated, then it does not exist. And what is badly communicated… is doubly seen! For professional translators, International Translation Day teaches us a lot. Although the worst translation mistakes in history usually circulate on the Internet, it is on this day that they are made even more visible. To avoid these communication mistakes that would make anyone blush on International Translation Day, wed like to share an e-book on multilingual management of social media (for you to stay on top of things in Facebook, Twitter and the like). 

    And if you love online blogs, be careful when translating content. You have to pay particular attention to the marketing strategy that youll be using and keep an eye on positioning in the search engines. In these cases, languages are absolutely essential, and as we said in the Guide to Translating Your Blog, writing a post in your native language is not the same as doing it in another language. There are tips that will help you position yourself better. 

     When money matters a lot

    Money. The root of almost all problems. And one of the greatest concerns of small and large companies alike (and freelancers as well). Managing a company sometimes entails doing some paperwork that will not always be in Spanish. Sometimes its necessary to carry out certain transactions in the US, Germany, France… and these documents have to be in the relevant language. Reading this e-book on financial translations will help you a little to become a better professional. 

    Dont lose sight of tourism!

    Spain is considered to be one of the most visited countries by tourists. Its a shame that foreigners sometimes have to deal with huge mistakes in culinary translations. Would you like to improve? Well, here are some free templates for your tourism translations and an e-book to make a killing all year! Good luck!



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