How to Know Which Translation Agency to Hire

Doubts plague you. You run a business and you want it to get a leg up, but it seems that it’s no longer enough to communicate or sell only in Spanish. So, you think that the perfect solution is to hire a translation agency to give you a hand. But, how do you choose the best?
Depending on the type of business and the projects that a company regularly carries out, it’s not always possible to have contact with languages. Generally speaking, when there’s an employee who speaks English in a company, they become the makeshift translator, responsible for drafting or translating a new project for a tender, a business e-mail or the presentation of the company’s services.
But what happens when you need to know what an urgent document you just received says, but it’s in French, Russian or German? One of the most common solutions is to use one of the free online translators available, which can lead to embarrassing situations and misunderstandings as rigor, faithfulness and accuracy are not their fortes. They’re more of a stopgap solution than a reliable one. It’s at that moment when the race against time begins to find an agency or trusted translator, but by golly! You don’t happen to have any provider of this kind.

What to do? After going through all the business cards, trying to find a contact on LinkedIn and asking all your office co-workers, the only thing left is… Google. “translation Madrid”, “English-Spanish translation Madrid”, “English-Spanish legal documents translation agency Madrid”… Narrowing down the search gives better results, but how do you choose among the many results?

At Okodia – Grupo traductor we believe that one of the first things to look at when assessing which agency is the best one for you is their response time. If you call them up or send a request for a quote using a contact form, your request should get a response in less than 1 hour.
It goes without saying that you should consider their office hours and try to provide all the relevant details on the project you need done right from the start: source language of the file, language that you want it translated into, type of text, number of pages, document format and delivery times. Providing all this information makes it so much easier for the translation manager to get the quote ready. Together with speed, it’s always important to consider feedback from other companies that have previously worked with the agency. These can be found on the translation provider’s own website. In case of doubt, you can also ask for references or the depth and breadth of their experience in that particular field. If, for example, you need the translation of a clinical trial, you can ask them what other projects they have done in this field.

That’s all well and good, but what about the price? Patience, price isn’t everything.