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    If you already have a full medical website, with good contents, carefully selected images, a nice design, and a well-defined brand, now you should promote it, make it well-known, and obtain a good return from your investment. In one work, now’s the time to position it well. SEO positioning has become a necessity for anyone who runs a business with an online presence. We all want to position our website, receive many visits, for our blog to be read by many – in a few words, we want online visibility.  And do you achieve this goal? How can you ensure that your medical website has a good position in the Fifth Avenue of online activity?


    You will need such tools as words, texts, posts, translations – to sum it up: the multiple and wonderful resources provided by language.  So you should take care to prepare a good linguistic first aid kit, as only by carefully using words will you obtain what you are looking for.

    To begin with, the importance of having a multi-language website cannot be underestimated. The only preventive measure you should take is leaving this task to professionals, such as Okodia because it’s better to prevent than to cure! A website translation into other languages using automatic translators, whose counterindications and secondary effects have been more than proven, will have a tremendously damaging effect on your medical website’s reputation and seriously harm its health. Nor should you make use of your brother-in-law who spent the summer in Brighton and learnt a lot of English. In both cases, you will pay for it in the long run.

    A blog, which should also be translated into several languages, is a crucial item to position your medical website these days. It must have interesting, well-written contents. Including links to related posts is also a good idea. In this way, you can also increase the number of visits to your website, as visitors can be redirected to the contents in your website.

    When we talk about keywords, tools like Google Adwords can help to find which words are usually entered by users in their searches and, even though you will find that they often pitilessly mistreat the dictionary, you can use these terms – properly spelt and in the right context – in your blog posts.

    These may be very basic tips, but we would like to make it clear that it is important to take care with language in all these actions. To this end, we can prescribe a course of good translations, proper spelling, and high-quality texts. Together, they constitute an infallible vitamin complex that will certainly strengthen your medical website.


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