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    “Don´t waste your time on something that is low quality” How many times have we heard our bosses say this? The obsession with quality is nothing new. PMEs big companies, freelance workers all work in search of quality and effectiveness at work. Something that is not always easy to achieve.

    We´re used to working under pressure, but far from scaring us, the frenzy of deadlines makes us stronger and makes us grab each job with a renewed thirst. It´s a pleasure to be able to have the opportunity work with such a diverse range of jobs, jobs in which a quality translation is essential. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

    • In order to achieve a quality translation, the first rule is that the translated content should be the identical to the original, no additions or omissions.
    • We can overlook spelling and grammar rules right? Never! Not if you want a quality translation! If not, the biggest translation blunders in history would keep growing (to the delight of internet-users) and nobody likes to be the talk of the internet.
    • In translation agencies, we spend a lot of time worrying that the meaning of the two texts is identical. We cannot lose sight of the purpose of the original text. In this case, the translation would be like a mast that carries the sail of a ship. Without a mast, the ship would probably sink.
    • There´s no such thing as a quality translation if the proofreader lets us down. Translation projects usually pass through many hands before reaching the final client. Now you know, four eyes are better than two!
    • Finally we can´t forget about deadlines. A translation is no longer quality if it is delivered late. We must be serious when it comes to work, don´t you think? 🙂

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