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    Is your company growing? Do you live in the capital? Are you looking for a translation services provider in London? Or in Manchester or anywhere else in the world? You are in the right place. Okodia Translation Services is a translation services provider with many years of experience in the professional translation of all types of documents. Your success is our success, so it is time to find out what we can do for your translations!

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      We are your translation services provider with whom you can easily and efficiently communicate in any language. We translate your texts and messages into Spanish, German Russian or any language you need with professional native translators. If you are thinking of hiring a translator and are wanting to find out how much it would cost to use a translator into French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, etc., you have reached the website with the largest number of certified translators.

      Translations of websites, technical translations, audiovisual translations, financial translations, localisations of software and video games… At our translation company, we receive translation orders of all kinds, both large and small, with different specialities and target audiences, but we only have one way of working: translating what you need into the language of your customers, with full guarantees. See for yourself with our team of online professional translators.

      With Okodia, your translation services provider, you have at your disposal the best translation company, a network of professional native translators who, from Manchester, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and elsewhere, deal rigorously and efficiently with your translation orders at highly competitive prices, in a local and natural style, and providing an optimal result that will guarantee that you communicate effectively with your customers.

      Translation services

      Welcome to the website of the translation services provider Okodia Translation Services, a translation services provider in London, where you will find:

      • Information about the individual work method offered by our team of specialised native translators.
      • Specific information about each of our translation specialities: sworn, legal, technical, audiovisual, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.
      • Special information on the important software localisation work that we carry out for leading companies around the world.
      • The feedback that companies from different sectors and specialities want to share about the work of the translators at our translation services provider, Okodia.
      Online professional translators
      Nuestra agencia de traducción

      At Okodia Translation Services, we offer:

      • A translation company with native translators with extensive experience in general and specialised translation.
      • An exclusive project manager who will serve as the liaison between your company and the team of translators who are working on your project.
      • Reasonable and transparent price from day one, with no unexpected or hidden charges.
      • Full compliance with your deadlines. For us, as it is for you, time is money.
      • The peace of mind of entrusting your confidential texts to a trusted professional translation agency

      The trust of our customers is the best endorsement.

      Over the last few years, Okodia Translation Services has carried out over


      translation and localisation


      projects in 75 different languages


      from customers who entrust new projects to us after meeting us for the first time

      Main online translation services offered by Okodia Translation Agency

      Do you have to translate one or more urgent documents today? Do you need legal, medical, technical, advertising or other online translation services? You have come to the right place. Professional translation covers many fields, and through our translation agency in London we will provide you with translation services that adapt to your needs.



      Specialised translatos in different biosanitary branches who are responsible for translating articles for journals, white papers and webinars, medical trials, scientific books and manuals, theses on different specialities, scientific-technical apps, and much more.



      From e-learning training products to multimedia presentations, not forgetting software localisation for the videogames sector, subtitling of short films, feature films and video clips, dubbing of series and films, audio description for museums, newspaper archives, etc.



      Many of Okodia Translation Services’ costumers are dedicated to the ever-growing tourism sector. We translate different materials for them, such as: multimedia applications, lists of services for hotels and restaurants, travel guides, tourism promotion articles, etc.

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      Are you visiting the website of Okodia Translation Services for any of these reasons?

      Regardless of why you have come to the virtual home of our translation company, welcome! We invite you to browse through the different sections of our website. In them we have tried to explain both our translation specialities and our way of working. If you cannot find the exact type of translation or localisation you need, don’t worry: send us an e-mail explaining your project.

      01. You are looking for a qualified and trusted translation services provider.

      02. You need to hire professional translators for a specific project.

      03. You are thinking about commissioning a localisation job for your next software project.

      translation agency london

      04. You are looking for a translation agency that will provide you with a fast and hassle-free service.

      05. You need to request a price for our sworn, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, audiovisual, technical, etc. translation services.

      06. You are curious to find out what a true translation agency does.

      3 reasons

      why you should choose Okodia Translation Services as your trusted translation agency:


      We work with a great team of professional translators who are committed to quality, native speakers of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Greek, etc.


      You will have your own linguistic advisor from day one, a personal project manager who will minimise the time you need to spend worrying about your translation projects.


      We guarantee transparent rates with no small print and adapted to the real requirements of your project, established from the very first moment so that you always know in advance how much your work will cost.

      Some of the translation services we offer:

      Do you need professional translators?

      Talk to us

      Medical translation:

      An entire specialised division of native translators who are qualified in health sciences at your disposal at Okomeds.

      Legal translation:

      Translation of legal texts by professional native translators who are experienced in law and legal documents.

      Finacial translation:

      Translation of economic and financial translations with full guarantee of quality and confidentiality.

      Website translation:

      Translation of websites and online stores with keyword research for a good SEO positioning.

      How do you translate your website content?

      Essential guide on how to not die trying

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      Can you tell the difference?

      How to tell the difference between a professional translator and an amateur

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      Guide to choosing the best translation agency in Madrid in 2022

      Guide to choosing the best translation agency in Madrid in 2022

      By | Okodia- Tranlation Group, Translation field

      Starting 2022 on the right foot and with new projects can be done. You have 365 days ahead of you to grow your company even more, to conquer France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Morocco or the country of your choice. We have prepared a guide on choosing the best translation agency in Madrid in 2022. Because dreams can become reality and yours are close to coming true.

      Tips on choosing a translation agency in Madrid.

      1. Professional translators and native speakers

      When you are looking for a translation agency in Madrid, always choose on the basis of quality. Keep in mind that your brand is at stake. So select a translation company that has professional translators who are also native speakers. That seems obvious, but not all agencies use natives.

      Having an advanced level of French, for example, is fine, but it doesn’t make you a professional translator. Professional translators do not just translate the content. They also ensure that the text connects with the reader in the same way as the original did.

      2. Good communication

      Communication is essential in any job. However, there is no doubt that it is sometimes counter-productive to commission a translation job and then have to deal with ten different people. When choosing a translation agency in Madrid, make sure that a single project manager is in charge of helping you throughout the process. This will result in better communication and ensure that the work is a success.

      3. Review included in the rate

      Don’t be fooled. When requesting a quote for a website translation, a medical translation or a technical translation, for example, always check what is included in the translation fee. One company may charge you extra to review the translation while another agency may already include this in the price, making it cheaper for you overall.

      4. Using technology

      When looking for a translation agency in Madrid, check if they use translation technologies. These programs help professional translators to maintain consistency and use industry-specific terminology, meaning that quality is fully guaranteed.

      So now you know. It’s time to take the next step and translate your projects. 😉

      Traductores profesionales eligen la palabra española del año 2021

      Professional translators choose the 2021 Spanish word of the year

      By | Okodia- Tranlation Group

      The year 2021 is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock. Over the year professional translators have continued to play an important role (some would say a very important role). Words have been our great allies. There are all kinds of words: romantic, technical, slang, etc. That’s why this year we have decided to choose the word that has made the greatest impact on us (in one way or another).

      Candidates for Spanish word of the year

      There are many candidates for word of the year, although there can only be one winner. We want to share with you the favourite words from 2021, as chosen by professional translators.

      1. Negacionista (Denier)

      It may seem incredible, but 2021 has been the year of denial, especially in relation to everything to do with Covid-19. When it comes to medical translation, more than one text translated has involved this word that creates so many problems.

      2. Normalidad (Normality)

      The long-awaited normality, yet to arrive, has once again been the subject of debate in society. In our translation company we have also felt this throughout the year. It is a word that continues to appear from time to time in customer emails and in texts that need translation for advertising brochures, websites and more. Let’s hope that the normality we so crave arrives sooner rather than later!

      3. Piroclastos (Pyroclasts)

      Environmental disasters, such as the volcano erupting on La Palma, have brought our attention to beautiful words such as “pyroclasts”. Although we love this word, we want to send all our love and support to the thousands of people affected by the volcanic eruption on La Palma.

      4. Pasaporte (Passport) (in relation to Covid)

      2021 has allowed many people to fulfil their dreams to again travel in a more normal way, without masks or excessive restrictions. However, this year the word passport has been used for very different reasons. The Covid passport has allowed people to enter places of entertainment or bars by proving that they have had their vaccinations.

      5. Criptomonedas (Cryptocurrencies)

      One of the advantages professional translators have is that our work is always varied. For example, in the world of financial translation we have recently had to work in several new areas, one of them relating to the world of cryptocurrencies. Do you think that in the future we will all end up paying with bitcoins, ether or other digital currencies?

      translation services, Home

      Translation tips

      By | Okodia- Tranlation Group, Translation field

      They say that you always have to keep moving forward and that’s how we like to do things in our translation agency. That’s why we’ve taken this opportunity to give you some translation tips that will help you improve professionally, whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or freelancer. Would you like to hear them? Keep reading!

      Translation tips to gain more visibility

      1. More international visibility.

      One of the main translation tips is that languages always expand borders and help improve international visibility. Don’t get left behind! You can always start with a website translation.

      2. Use professional translations.

      You want people to be talking about you, but for the right reasons. Forget about the fast and clumsy translations produced by Google Translate (or read more about Google translation errors) and use a translation company in London to ensure that the work is good quality.

      3. Be precise when placing orders.

      The more detailed the instructions you give to professional translators, the better their work will be. Good communication should be a feature of any job, so make sure you do it!

      4. Think about which languages interest you most.

      There is no point in translating for the sake of it. Perform a market study on where your audience comes from and how best to reach them through languages.

      Translation tips to help improve your content

      5. Specialise and improve your content.

      Are you involved in medicine? Then you’ll need a medical translation! Always look for the best professionals since using a specialist will make your content much better.

      6. Always go over the texts to be translated.

      Before sending a document for translation, it’s a good idea to go over the text again. It’s much easier to make changes before the translation is done than afterwards.

      7. Consider the space required for each language.

      Writing in German is different from writing in English. Thinking about the space required for each language is a useful step when producing brochures or improving web positioning.

      8. Be careful about keywords.

      As the name suggests, keywords are key. The most searched for keywords in Spanish may not be the most popular in English. That’s why a keyword study is necessary.

      9. Check all your links carefully.

      If you have a website in different languages, make sure that when you are in the French version, for example, the internal links do not lead to the page written in Spanish.

      This will help you succeed internationally

      10. Optimise the content.

      Optimise your content for search engines, whether in Spanish, English, French, Chinese or any other language of use for your business.

      11. Customise your brand.

      Customise your brand to reflect the message you want to convey to specific audiences. What goes down well in the UK might not work in France.

      12. Provide examples of previous work.

      Make it easier for professional translators by providing examples of previous translations you’ve had done.

      13. The impossible happens.

      Translation is one of the very few activities where the impossible happens as a matter of principle.

      14. Accounting reports for more transparency.

      Make your company more transparent internationally with the translation of your annual accounts.

      Build customer loyalty with languages

      15. Social media in several languages.

      If your brand is on the social media and you sell internationally, make sure your international clients also find out what you are sharing on the social media. Translation of social media will help you.

      16. Build loyalty by translating your blog.

      Improve the loyalty of your blog readers by having it translated into several languages. That way, you will also improve your web positioning.

      17. Travel through translation.

      Translating is like taking a trip through a foreign country. Don’t forget that.

      18. The text must be appealing in all languages.

      Professional translators will help you make your texts appealing, whether they are written in Japanese or Russian.

      19. Four eyes are better than two.

      A translation agency like Okodia, certified with ISO quality standards, will always guarantee the quality of your projects.

      20. Sworn translation is useful for professional purposes.

      For example, a certified translation is required when people take a course overseas and then need to prove to the public authorities back home that they have obtained that particular qualification. This special translation is also very useful on a professional level.

      21. Impress your audience.

      The translation should have the same impact on its target audience as the original did on the people who read it.

      22. The more you translate, the cheaper it becomes.

      Translation agencies in London such as Okodia work with translation memories, so the more you translate with them, the cheaper it becomes. This is because they offer a discount where text has already been translated in earlier documents.

      23. Have a single manager for all your projects

      This results in better communication and you won’t have to deal with lots of different managers for your projects. At Okodia we make that possible.

      24. Don’t be afraid to succeed internationally

      Let your imagination fly and turn your dreams into reality. Professional translation will help you succeed. Shall we get going?