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Is your company growing? Do you live in the capital? Are you looking for a translation services provider in London? Or in Manchester or anywhere else in the world? You are in the right place. Okodia Translation Services is a translation services provider with many years of experience in the professional translation of all types of documents. Your success is our success, so it is time to find out what we can do for your translations!

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    We are your translation services provider with whom you can easily and efficiently communicate in any language. We translate your texts and messages into Spanish, German Russian or any language you need with professional native translators. If you are thinking of hiring a translator and are wanting to find out how much it would cost to use a translator into French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, etc., you have reached the website with the largest number of certified translators.

    Translations of websites, technical translations, audiovisual translations, financial translations, localisations of software and video games… At our translation company, we receive translation orders of all kinds, both large and small, with different specialities and target audiences, but we only have one way of working: translating what you need into the language of your customers, with full guarantees. See for yourself with our team of online professional translators.

    With Okodia, your translation services provider, you have at your disposal the best translation company, a network of professional native translators who, from Manchester, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and elsewhere, deal rigorously and efficiently with your translation orders at highly competitive prices, in a local and natural style, and providing an optimal result that will guarantee that you communicate effectively with your customers.

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    Welcome to the website of the translation services provider Okodia Translation Services, a translation services provider in London, where you will find:

    • Information about the individual work method offered by our team of specialised native translators.
    • Specific information about each of our translation specialities: sworn, legal, technical, audiovisual, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.
    • Special information on the important software localisation work that we carry out for leading companies around the world.
    • The feedback that companies from different sectors and specialities want to share about the work of the translators at our translation services provider, Okodia.
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    At Okodia Translation Services, we offer:

    • A translation company with native translators with extensive experience in general and specialised translation.
    • An exclusive project manager who will serve as the liaison between your company and the team of translators who are working on your project.
    • Reasonable and transparent price from day one, with no unexpected or hidden charges.
    • Full compliance with your deadlines. For us, as it is for you, time is money.
    • The peace of mind of entrusting your confidential texts to a trusted professional translation agency

    The trust of our customers is the best endorsement.

    Over the last few years, Okodia Translation Services has carried out over


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    projects in 75 different languages


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    Main online translation services offered by Okodia Translation Agency

    Do you have to translate one or more urgent documents today? Do you need legal, medical, technical, advertising or other online translation services? You have come to the right place. Professional translation covers many fields, and through our translation agency in London we will provide you with translation services that adapt to your needs.



    Specialised translatos in different biosanitary branches who are responsible for translating articles for journals, white papers and webinars, medical trials, scientific books and manuals, theses on different specialities, scientific-technical apps, and much more.



    From e-learning training products to multimedia presentations, not forgetting software localisation for the videogames sector, subtitling of short films, feature films and video clips, dubbing of series and films, audio description for museums, newspaper archives, etc.



    Many of Okodia Translation Services’ costumers are dedicated to the ever-growing tourism sector. We translate different materials for them, such as: multimedia applications, lists of services for hotels and restaurants, travel guides, tourism promotion articles, etc.

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    Are you visiting the website of Okodia Translation Services for any of these reasons?

    Regardless of why you have come to the virtual home of our translation company, welcome! We invite you to browse through the different sections of our website. In them we have tried to explain both our translation specialities and our way of working. If you cannot find the exact type of translation or localisation you need, don’t worry: send us an e-mail explaining your project.

    01. You are looking for a qualified and trusted translation services provider.

    02. You need to hire professional translators for a specific project.

    03. You are thinking about commissioning a localisation job for your next software project.

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    04. You are looking for a translation agency that will provide you with a fast and hassle-free service.

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    why you should choose Okodia Translation Services as your trusted translation agency:


    We work with a great team of professional translators who are committed to quality, native speakers of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Greek, etc.


    You will have your own linguistic advisor from day one, a personal project manager who will minimise the time you need to spend worrying about your translation projects.


    We guarantee transparent rates with no small print and adapted to the real requirements of your project, established from the very first moment so that you always know in advance how much your work will cost.

    Some of the translation services we offer:

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    Medical translation:

    An entire specialised division of native translators who are qualified in health sciences at your disposal at Okomeds.

    Legal translation:

    Translation of legal texts by professional native translators who are experienced in law and legal documents.

    Finacial translation:

    Translation of economic and financial translations with full guarantee of quality and confidentiality.

    Website translation:

    Translation of websites and online stores with keyword research for a good SEO positioning.

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    The translation services most used by large companies

    By | Okodia- Tranlation Group, Translation field

    What helps a small business grow into a large company? Without a doubt, it is having a breadth of vision. If you want evidence of this, just look at Walt Disney which has grown from a small idea to what it is today. Other examples include Facebook and Google, which have become world famous out of nowhere. As this shows, the key to success is being a visionary and using the right translation services to make yourself known to the rest of the planet. In this article we want to tell you about the most in demand translation services with large companies.

    The priority for large companies: translating their website

    Online sales have replaced traditional ones in many cases. According to Retail Actual, 76.6% of Internet users already make purchases online. This figure is almost six percentage points higher than in 2020 and it is expected to continue rising with the boom in electronic commerce.

    Although electronic commerce was given a boost by the Covid-19 pandemic, the truth is that large companies have for many years understood how important a role technology was going to play in increasing their turnover. Currently, there are six large groups of companies worldwide that account for more than 58% of all electronic commerce globally. The key to their success? The translation of websites.

    This type of work should not be done casually. It is important to understand where your target audience is located. When doing this, using tools like Google Analytics can often really help, since they allow business owners to identify exactly what countries their target audience are in and what languages they use.

    Large companies also have powerful market research departments responsible for analysing in detail the cost of the product being sold, its competitive advantages, its competitors and how popular it is likely to be in other markets. The result of this research helps them better determine into which languages they need to translate the website or e-commerce page. After all, reports suggest that most Internet users prefer to read content in their own language.

    Technical translation, the key for multinationals

    In addition, multinationals, especially those in the pharmaceutical, construction and engineering sectors, which operate in several countries at the same time and usually have more technical meetings, tend to need technical translations. In this case, they want a translation of technical manuals, engineering reports, software applications or regulations. To ensure that there are no mistakes in these jobs, the specific knowledge of technical translators is necessary.

    Specifically, this type of job entails transmitting information in an objective manner. In addition, these translations must be perfectly accurate. In most cases, large companies need to translate technical reports on the projects they have run so that they can share this with other areas of the company located in other parts of the world. The solution is usually to hire professionals who can transfer all the information without making any mistakes and who use the target language properly.

    Legal translations, essential for internationalisation

    When running their businesses, companies must comply with a series of legal requirements. One of the most important is usually related to protecting the data they handle. It is no surprise that one of the most in-demand translation services with companies relates to the legal field.

    Through legal translations, companies can manage to enter other markets. When a company is already international, it will have legal, tax and administrative documents that it needs in more than one language. It must be remembered that this type of translation is carried out to meet the specifications of the country the translation is being produced for, so all documents will have to be adapted.

    Legal translation is complex and involves many specific terms, so companies need the help of specialised translators in this field. In addition, when translating these documents, it must also be considered that legislation changes from country to country, so sometimes the documents for translation will have to be adapted.

    Should I outsource the translation service?

    Large and small companies are alike in choosing not to have internal departments dedicated to translating documents, instead preferring to outsource the service. You may ask whether you should do the same. The answer is undoubtedly yes. Here are the reasons why.

    • Lower costs. The cost of the translation service will always be lower if you outsource it. In addition, translations do not follow a steady rhythm, so when there are peaks of work you can always rely on a translation company to guarantee that the work gets done in a timely manner.
    • Specialised translators. A translation agency will provide you with native, specialised translators in the languages you need, so the advantage will always be greater.

    Do you own a company? Do you want to publicise your business in other countries? Click here and we can help you do this. Shall we talk?

    Inés Okodia's project manager

    “Large companies have translation to thank for their success”

    By | Translation field

    “All companies should translate their content without a second’s hesitation.” This is how Inés, one of the project managers at Okodia Translation Services, sees the world of professional translation. “They should stop to think about why big companies have got to where they are today.”They have all become international, they have tried to reach out to other societies and cultures and they have achieved this thanks to translation”, she says.

    Inés studied Translation and Interpretation and since September 2021 she has been working for the translation agency Okodia. She says that she is enthusiastic about languages. So much so that in her view, without translation “the world as we know it today would not exist.” She says that if it were not for this profession “we would not have the multiculturalism we so enjoy because basically we would not understand each other”.

    Constantly learning while translating documents

    One thing that Inés really likes is that the constant learning process involved in the translation of documents. “If you are a curious person who wants to learn something new every day, translation is for you”, she says without hesitation.

    Remember that a person does not become a professional translator just by knowing how to speak one or more languages. “People think that with a little knowledge of the language you can translate. That’s not the case. They have no idea about the training and work required to translate a simple tourism text, for example. That is before we even consider more specialised texts such as legal, technical, medical or even gastronomic ones”, she adds before reminding us that behind every translation there is always a lot of hard work.

    She is currently enjoying her work immensely as every day is different. In fact, among her daily tasks are quoting for jobs, choosing the right translators for the different projects, preparing files, reviewing translations and more. “I am the intermediary between the customer and the translator, with all that that entails,” she explains.

    In relation to her daily work at Okodia, she says that “there are very stressful days when you realise it is really late and you haven’t had lunch yet but there are others when there is relatively little work and you can enjoy the management side a little more”. According to Inés, each translation and each customer is different, “they are like daily mini-challenges which are fun and also allow you to learn”.

    Fascinated by the evolution of Portuguese and Galician

    In terms of languages, it is difficult for her to pick just one as she likes them all: “Language is a reflection of the evolution of society and culture”. However, her roots are particularly important to her and, as a good Galician, she is fascinated by “being able to compare and see the evolution of Portuguese and Galician since the two languages were originally the same, Galician-Portuguese”.

    In addition to languages, Inés also loves sport. “I have played all sorts of sport from a very young age, although now I only have time for athletics. During the week, between working, training and my daily responsibilities I am left with zero free time. A couple more hours in the day would be fantastic! At the weekend I have the chance to recover and make the most of all those hours.”

    She also loves to cook, visit new places and try different experiences. In short, in her daily life what she values most is “spending quality time with people close to her.”

    professional translation

    Can professional translation prevent the Welsh language from dying out?

    By | Okodia- Tranlation Group

    Did you know that every two weeks a language dies somewhere around the world? It is believed that around 7,000 languages will have disappeared by the end of the century. Welsh, the language spoken in Wales, will be one of these. Thousands of professional translators in the United Kingdom have already warned about this and even Pope Francis has talked about it, encouraging the people of Wales to preserve their language and culture. What can we do to save the Welsh language from dying out? How can professional translation help preserve languages like this? Keep reading and we will explain.

    The history of a dying language: Welsh

    Welsh is a Celtic language belonging to the Indo-European family. It comes from Brittonic or Brythonic Celtic, together with the Cornish and Breton languages. Currently, 570,000 people speak Welsh and they are found mainly in Wales, in the west of Great Britain.

    Welsh was originally a popular language, spreading rapidly throughout the British Isles. However, over time, the influence of English has increased to the detriment of minority languages which have had to fight to stay alive.

    Currently, colonies of Welsh speakers can be found abroad, such as in the Chubut province of Argentina. However, there is still much to be done at the political and social levels to ensure the continued existence of these languages.

    How can we save the Welsh language from dying out?

    Some argue that there is little that can be done to save a dying language. At our professional translation agency in London we don’t agree. Welsh, like other endangered languages, can be saved. Many professional translators from that country are working to prevent the language from being lost. In addition, the British government is also taking steps in this direction.

    In 1993, the British Parliament passed the Welsh Language Act. This act was intended to ensure that the Welsh and English languages are treated equally in the conduct of public business in Wales. Change can take time in the UK and it was only at the end of last year that Parliament finally handed over linguistic powers to Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru, the Welsh National Assembly, formed in 1998.

    The key to the recovery of the Welsh language is education. In the 1970s, Mudiad Ysgolion Meithri, the Welsh Association of Nursery Schools, was founded. Today it has a thousand schools dedicated to providing schooling in Welsh for children under five. In 403 of these nurseries, parents are allowed to accompany their children to the classroom, where they also learn the language. This is undoubtedly a key factor in saving the Welsh language from extinction.

    Professional translation, essential to avoiding the disappearance of a language

    In addition to the actions of the British government to prevent the extinction of the language, the world of professional translation also has an important role to play. Although it is a minority language, companies can contribute to its development by translating their local content into Welsh.

    Linguists argue that languages often reach crisis point after being displaced by another socially, politically and economically dominant language. This is what has been happening gradually with Welsh.

    Today, professional translation companies are becoming an unlikely ally in protecting minority languages for future generations.

    In addition to encouraging children to learn their parents’ mother tongues, AI-based translation is now better placed than ever to provide resources for education. Many initiatives run by public and non-profit organisations have already started teaming up with translation agencies to use this knowledge in an attempt to preserve endangered languages through education. Can we preserve a language through professional translation? Why not?

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