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    It seems a cliché, but being a professional translator is not easy. In many cases it costs blood, sweat and tears, as it also happens in other professional sectors. One of the many benefits of the Internet is that it has no borders and it already helps us to position ourselves on the Internet, as it is very useful to carry out a job with 100% success. At Okodia-Grupo Translator we tell you some of the free resources that help us to be better professionals and that have accompanied us to get a huge number of success stories in professional translation.

    Resources for translation

    Vocabulary glossaries are usually the resources that every professional translator uses. In them you can clarify the meaning of a large number of words and leave doubts when making a specialized translation. Some of the most useful are:


    – Linguee It is a multilingual search engine of translations, with which through a word, its use can be consulted depending on different contexts.


    -IATE. This is one of the most consulted glossaries of the European Union. You may have heard a professional translator talk about ‘Inter-active terminology for Europe’. In effect, it is this one. A basic linguistic reference


    -Fundeu. When the translation is from another language into Spanish it is very likely that linguistic doubts will also arise. To clear them, resorting to the Fundeu or the RAE is extraimportant for any successful professional translator.


    And as when a professional translator works on the computer and uses different browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, you should know that there are plugins that allow you to search for expressions in a host of dictionaries, such as MID (Mozilla Internet Dictionary), which It can also be customized; o Dynamic Language Tools, from Google Chrome, which allows, among other things, to search dictionaries in different languages.


    eBooks to translate specialized content

    When it comes to specialized content, digital resources such as dictionaries are very valid as well, but at Okodia we wanted to go further and have created free eBooks, which can be viewed by clicking here, which help to decide what is most important to the time to make tourist translations, translate content marketing, financial translations and social networks, among other contents.


    Are you missing some content or free resource of successful professional translators? Tell us, we include it!


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