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    E-commerce is on the rise, and even though the number of consumers in Spain does not yet equal those in the United Kingdom or Germany, forecasts for growth are optimistic.  On 15 and 16 March, the eShow trade fair will be held in Barcelona. A large number of exhibitors will take part, and there will be an extensive range of parallel activities and speakers, including such influential bloggers as Dídac Lee (@DídacLee) and Carlos Blanco (@carlosblanco). Of all the aspects that you should take into account when creating an e-commerce shop, we would like to talk today about the benefits of presenting your business in several languages.


    For a few years now, e-commerce is finding its place in our society, and this kind of business has its own characteristics, derived from globalisation and its endless possibilities.  These peculiarities affects small and medium enterprises, like www.weareknitters.es -a wonderful combination of traditional craft and new business models – and https://fotografiaproducto.com/ -which specialises in photography for

    e-commerce – as well as consolidated giants like eBay and Privalia, which will also take part in this year’s eShow.  We will be talking about the importance of translation for e-commerce. What are the benefits of selling in other languages?

    First of all, presenting your e-commerce shop in several languages is a sign of professionalism. You have probably very careful when selecting the images and information on your website. In the same way, you should consider that consumers in other countries and other languages might be interested in your products. Accessing the information which you provide in their own language is basic for them. An e-commerce shop in just one language feels unfinished, in clear contradiction with the world in which it hopes to make its way.

    Secondly, and closely related to the first point, some consumers don’t speak more than one language. Even though there are many multilingual people in the world, there are also many people who don’t speak, and don’t want to speak, any languages other than their native language. You should keep this target audience in mind and increase the number of language in which your e-commerce shop is available.

    Finally, you shouldn’t forget a key point to have a good online presence: positioning. It is often said that if you don’t have a website – and an active blog – you don’t exist and nobody will find you. To avoid this, you should translate your website and blog into several language, so that you can not only position yourself n in your home market, but also cross borders and have a presence in other countries. Languages are one of the main points which you should take into account in order for your e-commerce shop to have a greater global impact, according to thie article in the eShow trade fair digital magazine.

    In Okodia, we are translation professionals and can help you, with guaranteed quality, to translate yourwebsite, your blog y newsletter, and all aspects of your e-commerce shop. Trust us and the world will know you. If you want, come to the eShow in Barcelona and meet us in person – we’ll be delighted to talk with you.




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