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    The success of a company rests on its clients. Without clients, neither SMEs nor large companies would exist. And, although all factors are important, generally speaking, communication is crucial. If you’re part of the fascinating world of communications agencies, you’ve come to the right post to learn how to “pamper” your clients well (and also get new ones). At Okodia Translation Group, we have a lot experience working with marketing and communications agencies, so here are some tips for successful communication.

    Forget about “auto attendants” in communication

    There’s nothing worse in communication than trying to talk to a professional and having a machine answer you, wouldn’t you agree? I’m sure that at one time or another, you’ve gone through the rather frustrating experience of calling a company and trying to get the auto attendant to understand you. For communications agencies, that is probably the worst image you could give your clients, especially if the caller is a foreigner who needs to understand what functions a certain product or service has. Showing signs that you have turned to machine translation to communicate with them will only serve to tarnish your image even further. Don’t even think about it!

    Sending newsletters, an ally

    If you have yet to send newsletters to your clients, here’s a “friendly” slap on the wrist. The first thing that communications agencies have to do is to keep their clients up to date; but naturally, without going overboard. Still, information is essential. So as not to overwhelm your clients, you could, for example, send a monthly newsletter with the most important highlights. And if you know that a part of your audience does not speak Spanish, send them the information in their language. In these cases, translating the newsletters is fundamental; otherwise, they will not read them or even bother to open them.

    The blog, another essential

    Considering that the first essential for a company is its website, for communications agencies, the second essential would undoubtedly be a blog. Do you update it regularly? Good, continue doing so! We’ve already talked about how to create a brand by translating a blog, so now you only have to check whether your brand is really well-positioned. A communications agency cannot rest on its laurels even for a single moment. Without a doubt, one of the greatest keys to attracting an audience is languages.



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