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    One of the mistakes commonly made by small family companies or those that have spent years battling in their market is to believe that a translation agency in London is expensive or that commissioning a website translation is only for large and powerful multinational companies.

    In this article we will give you three specific reasons why a translation can save your business or, without being so extreme, three explanations about why using a professional translation agency can improve your business and increase your profits.

    Reason 1: attracting foreign customers

    As a country that relies strongly on the tourist sector, in Spain we are used to welcoming millions of people each year who speak other languages. Until now you might have managed to get away with only speaking Spanish, Catalan or Galician, but times are changing and will change even more. Nowadays, foreign customers coming into your shop, restaurant, business or garage want to be served in their own language, or at least in English. Translating things such as the menu in your restaurant, signage, advertising or rates for your business is not the same as having a good interpreter, but it will help you attract those hundreds of foreign customers who currently walk on by.

    Reason 2: expand your market

    At Okodia we have customers from countries such as Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Portugal, and the United States. Opening up our company to the international market is a fundamental part of our business strategy, something that many small companies like yours are doing. How can you expand your market without having to spend a fortune? By organising the translation of your virtual shop or the online shop window for your small business.

    Reason 3: invest wisely

    One of the keys to the success of a micro-enterprise is to make the most of every euro you invest. Using a professional translation agency is no more expensive than paying your tax advisor, insurance company or electricity company, but this money, invested in improving the service and attracting new customers, will be richly rewarded in your profit and loss account. Invest yes, but wisely and with one goal in mind: translate to save or improve your small business.



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