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    We’re back from the Easter holidays and find ourselves in a new week, almost a new month, and the start of a new quarter. What does this mean? That the first quarter of the year is over, and so we must comply with certain tax obligations. Particularly translators, most of whom are freelancers.


    What should be do this month?


    • In Spain, we must submit the quarterly VAT statement: form 303 records all the VAT information for the quarter (from 1 January to 31 March of the current year). But if you are a freelancer, pay Social Security by modules, or pay VAT under simplified provisions, the right form is 310. The deadline to submit it is 20 April.
    • The quarterly Personal Income Tax (IRPF) statement: the right form is 130 if you pay tax directly. Otherwise, if you pay tax by modules, it’s form 131. Again, the deadline is 20 April.
    • The quarterly statement of withheld tax and payment on account (if any): the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) withheld from employees’ salaries or those specified in the invoices issued by independent professionals must be recorded in form 111. However, if these are rental payments, use form 115. In any case, the deadline is the same for all: 20 April 2015.


    This month, in addition to working ceaselessly as translators who pay attention to every word, we must also keep figures in mind. From today onwards, we can also complete the draft 2014 Annual Tax Return online. Even though the deadline is 30 June, it’s best not to leave it to the last minute.


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