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    When it comes to persuading your target market, you’d undoubtedly seek the help of a good publicist. But… what if its a foreign market? Forget language barriers, advertising translation is crucial in this sense, above all when dealing with international search engine advertising. We guarantee your success if there you follow the advice below.

    Deciding which channels to use

    When deciding to expand the business internationally, we should first decide on the most appropriate channels by doing some research on how users in your target countries access information. Taking into consideration the main search engine in each country, is crucial to implement an effective SEM. The infamous Google is the market leader among search engines, but we should not forget those that are close behind, such as Baidu in China.  This means that we need the same understanding of the analytical tools adapted to each search engine, to perform international search advertising campaigns. The aforementioned Baidu, and another search engine called Yandex, have their own tools for performing actions in countries such as China or Russia. [Sharer]

     Which products are successful?

    Before starting international search advertising campaigns, the first step is to analyse the demand for your products and services in the countries you wish to approach. A good starting point is to analyse the searches performed, their volume and the CPC of the keywords, which will tell you whether there is any competition in this country. Studying the competition and how they behave is vital.  Acquire in-depth knowledge about them and check what they are doing, and how they are doing it. You must take this into consideration, because you’re entering a new market and you need to know what you’re up against.

    Advertising translation for communication

    Knowing the country’s language is vital. For this reason, if you need to translate campaigns, you can’t afford to take any risks, as the most likely outcome will be a negative one. Translation agencies offer the quality and accuracy that you need… but then, how do you choose a quality translation agency? The most important is that they have experience in the sector, the translators are native speakers and meet stipulated deadlines.  Knowing the culture of the countries we are about to approach is paramount for translation companies. Results show that offering your company’s products and services in your clients’ mother tongue, will result in a considerable sales increase.  But it doesn’t end there, there are translation companies getting really involved in the project, analysing your needs from a realistic point of view. The personalisation of every translation and a commitment shown is an important consideration. In order for International SEM strategy to be effective, it should be adapted to each search engine, bearing in mind the language, location of campaigns, carry out new campaigns (and not simply setting-up campaigns in other countries), segment and analyse the types of search that users in that country perform about our type of product. There are specialists such as Funky Marketing, that can advise you on the best SEM for the company and therefore guarantee success. When a company does not dominate the local language, as we mentioned previously, it’s crucial to seek the help of specialised and qualified advertising translation companies, so that our message is translated exactly as intended.  But not only that, knowledge of the market that you’re going to approach is vital to adequately focus international search advertising campaigns.   Last, but not least, is to update our webpage. If we wish to focus on the Chinese market, for example, we must have our webpage adapted to this language, because if we don’t, the only thing we will achieve is a high bounce rate and a poor performance. Translation companies will do all the work for us, no problem.  



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