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    Have you done your end of year business review for 2016? Are you planning new business improvement goals for the next year? We’d like to suggest one, that we feel can be extremely effective: translate newsletters. We´ve emphasised the benefits of translation for your business on many occasions, whether it’s translating your blog, your website or your e-commerce, to state a few examples. Nevertheless, we suspect that many aren’t making the most out of their newsletters, let alone planning to translate them.


    Newsletters are a very useful marketing tool that every business owner should bear in mind when starting a business, making the most of opportunities or boosting your existing business. One of the characteristics of newsletters, -as recommended by the Fundéu BBVA in this –link– is that they are sent to recipients automatically and always with their prior consent, which makes it very convenient for the company. They are sent on a regular basis, which ensures a continuous flow of communication. Newsletter content can vary, ranging from the promotion of the company’s products and services to the latest industry developments. Many companies also see them as a great way of building client loyalty.


    But what happens when just keeping existing clients happy is not enough? Find clients in other countries and expand your business beyond our language borders is a fundamental step in most sectors. One of the quickest ways to reach this objective could be to translate your newsletters and therefore reach a much higher number of users and potential clients. Considering the amount of emails we receive on a daily basis, those that are written in an unknown language would be the first to be deleted. We believe that using digital marketing tools in more than one language is a good investment. By doing so, you are ensuring that language forms the bridge that joins you to other people and not a barrier to communication with them. Once you have made the initial contact, you should carry on sending information in several languages. Never lose sight of the fact that in this demanding world in which we live, we need to look after our clients and make their lives easier, as the slightest obstacle could mean losing great opportunities.


    If you’re launching a start-up, treat yourself to full Christmas package which includes translation of your web or e-commerce, your blog and your newsletter service. Why not ask Father Christmas or simply contact us at Okodia, we can offer you the best quality and the best conditions. Alternatively, you can add newsletter translation to next year´s very long wish list. It’s very easy to do and will, without doubt, bring great benefits. Leave the gym membership and becoming vegan for another year, now those are real challenges!


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