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    The Barcelona eShow is about to start, so technology is taking the spotlight again.  Technology translation is one of the many translation services that Okodia offers.  We believe and work in the infallible combination of technology and languages and in this post we would like to focus on  Twitter.

    Twitter is one of the main social networks. With rare exceptions, it generates interesting contents and many users find it is a necessary tool for their work. Its short messages make its use much faster than other social media or even blogs. Tweeters, in turn, have become information gurus, and if they can offer them in more than one language, all the better. Being multilingual is clearly an added value. We will now introduce 6 tweeters with very different profiles who have one thing in common: they are multilingual technology experts.

    First of all, we would like to mention Ángel Jiménez (@angeljimenez), a photographer and journalist who lives in New York and works for El Mundo and Gizmodo, among others.  He is very active on Twitter and offers quality contents in Spanish and English.

    Martin Varsavsky (@martinvars), the founder of Jazztel and CEO of Prelude, a company that specialises in technological development applied to fertility, also shares information in these two languages. He also has his own website in English and Spanish.

    The journalist specialising in digitial media Marilín Gonzalo (@marilink) usually writes in Spanish, but also retweets publications in English. In addition to technology, she is interested in women’s role in society.

    The well-known startup creator Dídac Lee (@DidacLee) is one of the star guests in the  eShow trade fair. He tweets on a regular basis in Catalan, Spanish, and English and offers the contents of his website in these three languages.

    Carmen Bartolomé (@trebool), of Wimba Robótica Educativa, which specialises in technological education for children, young people, and technology teachers, updates her account on a regular basis, basically in Spanish, although she also shares information in English.

    Last but not least, we would like to mention Agustín Gómez (@agustingomezm), another participant in the Barcelona eShow.  He is the CEO of Wallapop and usually tweets in English, although he sometimes tweets in Spanish. His account provides very high-quality contents.

    This small sample of multilingual technology experts who tweet shows that, even though there is a need to offer information in several languages on Twitter, the English-Spanish combination seems to be the most frequent one, often with the latter’s prevalence. In Okodia we strongly support multilingual information about technology and work every day to make its presence increasingly significant.  How do you think the technology-languages pairing will evolve?


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