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    Any e-commerce shop seeks to become more visible on the Internet and attract customers through different actions. In medical marketing, it’s essential to earn your customers’ trust, as you are not buying and selling material goods. Potential customers must be persuaded that placing their lives in your hands will be worth it. Have you ever thought about how a professional translation company can help you in your business? Here are some tips.

    Language is doubtlessly one of the most powerful tools to create marketing strategies. To begin with, you need to have an up-to-date website, with clear, well-written contents.  In the case of a clinic, for example, all the services and treatments offered must be described clearly and unambiguously.  We all like to understand what we will be facing when starting a treatment, the secondary effects of cosmetic surgery, etc. In this first step, the message should be concise, but nothing important should be left out.

    But this is not all the work you must do in the virtual world. On the contrary: you must maintain your website and your online reputation. It is unquestionable that Internet has overcome physical barriers and distances, and, to keep up with this reality, the website of any type of business should be multilingual, translated into several languages.  This not only makes it possible for people in other countries to view your medical services or the technology used in your clinical analysis laboratory, for example. It will also enable them to find information about medical care in other locations or about innovative techniques used in hospitals and clinics in other countries.


    Blogs have become a key element in websites, as they are associated with their positioning and constitute a good marketing strategy.  It is important to keep your blog alive and post regularly. For example, you can give interesting medical facts or describe new developments in your clinic. Obviously, the blog must be translated into your website language for the sake of consistency, and, as we said, to position your website.

    Business newsletters are also playing an increasingly central role. Newsletters can help you to increase customer loyalty. It’s not only a matter of attracting them – what is hardest is retaining them. Newsletter subscribers will be people who are really interested in your treatments, services, facilities, etc.

    In the age of social media we should not overlook LinkedIn, one of the best professional social networks.  In Okodia we try to set an example, and you can find us here.

    We recommend taking into account the important role that Twitter has acquired over its first decade of life.  This is one of the most viewed social media on a daily basis: its immediacy and short messages have turned it into many users’ favourite. You should tweet in several languages if you want to have a higher number of followers. In Okodia we are very active on this social network too. You can follow us at @okodia.

    If our recommendations have persuaded you, Okodia can provide you with a quality product. We are translation professionals and are ready to help you to be more visible online through the translation of your website as well as of you blog and newsletter  . Go multilingual! Everyone’s health deserves it.




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