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    In this post we will talk about the blogs of several healthcare professionals with very different profiles but who have something in common: they use several languages in their publications.  There is a huge number of doctors with very interesting blogs, but we have found that the information they provide is often only in one language, which restricts their accessibility. Luckily, there are also blogs in which we can find publications in two or more languages. This is the case of the five bloggers we introduce below, in a strictly random order: This is not a ranking.


    First of all we would like to tell you about de https://universaldoctor.wordpress.com/, the blog of Dr Jordi Serrano Pons, who offers very interesting contents in Spanish and English and is very aware of the importance of providing medical contents to everyone through languages. In one of his posts, which can be read here, he presents an initiative which he started to ensure that information about the Ebola virus reaches every corner of the world thanks to translation. We like this attitude and the quality of his blog contents.

    In the case of https://www.medscape.com/ we find something that would be desirable for any website in general and for a medical website in particular: its contents are provided in five different languages. More specifically, we can enjoy its contents in Spanish, French, English, German, and Portuguese. This would be the ideal for every blog, the perfect future of information. At Okodia we think that it’s an optimal example, although for the time being it is mostly the exception.

    We love the blog https://medicoacuadros.wordpress.com/, written by Dr Mónica Lalanda, who is also an illustrator. It’s a very fresh, entertaining blog in Spanish and English, which includes touches of humour and creativity. It’s fun to read, and a good remedy against some problems.

    A team of two healthcare professionals –Jordi Mestres and Iris Alarcón- are in charge of the blog https://www.agoramedica.blogspot.com.es/, in Catalan and Spanish. Sometimes we also find publications related to technology and languages in this bilingual blog. Its contents are regularly updated.

    Finally, in the field of alternative medicine, a naturopathy professional shares his knowledge – which ranges from healthy eating to such therapies as reiki – and his experience. This blog is also available in two language, and you can read it at https://ndnatural.net/sobre-el-blog/.

    This short list is a small sample of what should be the norm as regards the use of languages in blogs, although it is obvious that there is still a long way ahead. In Okodia we are persuaded that multilingual blogs are a must for your  medical website marketing, and we will be delighted to help you if you so wish. Don’t hesitate to ask!


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